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[Bug 558998] Re: [lucid] compiz-gnome broken because of metacity update


@James Gregory:
No, that's totally integrated with way apt dist-upgrade works.
In a nutshell, the new version of metacity broke the old compiz one. And compiz was rebuilt to support the new metacity version. Unfortunately, this one get low priority on rebuild in the builders, and so, metacity has been available before compiz.

If I wouldn't push the break: tag, you would have a strange compiz
working with metacity whith other bugs… The tag was here to reflect the

apt-get upgrade will do nothing harmful in this case (as it won't upgrade the new metacity as it will remove the old compiz)
apt-get dist-upgrade tells "do wathever you want, even if it includes  removing package to get the latest version of crack"

update-manager does an apt-distupgrade on "not released yet" distro to
handle transition of libs and so on. People running this are expected to
read message when a "partial upgrade" is available and see the summary
(which told "I will remove your compiz, be careful :)").

of course, update-manager then do a classical apt-get update on stable
ubuntu version to avoid such things.

In any way, all was written, read the message that are bumped to you
(and again, never do "partial upgrade" on an unstable version if you
don't know the cause). Hope that this explanation is enough :)

[lucid] compiz-gnome broken because of metacity update
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