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[Bug 355018] Re: enable commands plugin


Since 8.04->10.04, this was the greatest usability f-up i've experienced
with Ubuntu. Maybe that is because i used xubuntu until I recently got a
new computer and never turned on the visualizations.

However, if this is not considered an "urgent" bug, it seems like some
user hints in the keyboard settings would be very important. (like hey
buddy, your keyboard may act crazy due to the appearance changes you

I think this should be an URGENT issue due to the likelihood that many
novice users would give up on Ubuntu before they made it to the smart
work around above.

They could get locked out of any program that required entering capital
letters or symbols.  What a turn off to beginners.

System->Appearance->Visual Effects->Normal

Toggling visual effects from default to Normal should not eliminate the
ability to do everyday tasks.

I could see a scenario where a user becomes locked out of their
computer, website, email or whatever because they can no longer type the
symbols or capital letters in their password.

The natural place to try to fix this would be the "keyboard" settings.
However, the bug is really only avoided by turning off the "normal"
visual effects.

Turning this on has also led to minor annoyances like inability to type
due to loss of the proper focus.

A proper fix for now would be to have a button "restore default key
bindings" for this device and user profile. keyboard (or input device
settings) preferences.

enable commands plugin
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