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[Bug 90918] Re: Desktop-Effects Bug. Left Mouse Click doesn't work.


I get this frequently, now several times a day. Certain uses of the left
mouse button stop working, but not all. Which uses fail is not
predictable. When I first got it, Ctl-click worked for most uses. Now
that has no effect.

Many times the mouse button stops working when I have made half of a
text selection, just a starting point. Then even with the mouse button
up, moving the mouse just moves the other end of the selection around. I
can usually move the starting point of the selection with the arrow and
other keys. There was a time when left-clicking produced the grabbing
hand for click-and-drag, as with Super-click. No more. Sometimes the
cursor changes shape normally between text, pointer, and pointing hand
(for URLs) and sometimes not.

Workaround, up to a point: Key combinations. Tab to select buttons or
menu options, Return to activate. Ctl-Alt-Tab to switch between apps in
different workspaces. Alt-F1 to get to toolbar menus (sometimes). Ctl-
Alt-Del works for shutting down most of the time. When it doesn't I get
a Terminal from the Accessories menu, if possible and use

sudo halt

I have tried CompizConfig settings manager. Apparently I used to have
that problem, but now I have a different one.

I have just now turned off Visual Effects. We shall see.

Ubuntu 10.4

All updates applied

Desktop-Effects Bug. Left Mouse Click doesn't work.
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