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[Bug 145431] Re: Disable "detect refresh rate" for nVidia drivers


Hey guys, has this been looked at for 10.04?

I think this is a very critical problem, too. I have had like 25 ppl try
Ubuntu out and most of them go nutts, when the prop. drivers are
suggested, installed and the tearing begins. There has to be SOMETHING
you can do about this.

ATI released a new driver, with experimental support for Vsync on the
desktop. My little Intel GMA 950 puppy does Vsync @default with Compiz
just fine on every single thing I throw at it (videos, desktop, games
and so on), but for a few YEARS now this has been a prob. with Nvidia

Honestly, I really don't care WHY or WHO; PLEASE just fix it, it's
annoying as hell and drivers a lot of ppl nutts, giving Ubuntu a bad
rep. for feeling all teary, buggy and trying to fix it. Needles to say,
that most of them give up after weeks of trying. It's bad enough, that
Plymouth looks ugly with Nvidia prop. drivers and causes all kinds of
flickering and other probs, at least get the desktop right.

I don't mean to be rude, but maybe just calling Nvidia or talking to
AaronP would help at least a BIT here.


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  Disable "detect refresh rate" for nVidia drivers