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[Bug 726155] Re: compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in WorkaroundsWindow::setVisibility()


how many txt bug this machine sent??

I'm just a freaking windows user. I must have "tried" 20 different linux
kernel { (kde,gdm,xdm) X (suse,ubuntu,solaris, etc...) = I'm freaking

None of them yet has left me safe. I get a desktop installed because I
really want to get away from windows. I'm really dedicated to find a
way. But it seems  I fell into a kind of world as if "MS was building
also its own Mac" and "Mac doing the same with windows" and both home
brand selling there own two versions. It's a mess in Linux world the way
I see it.

I know this is not a chitchat place or forum, but does Linux world look like this to you?
MS and Mac aren't really the best model as "integrity", but at least they don't run two or three bunnies at the same time;)
I also feel like this mess in linux is purposely made to push everyone further into Mac and Windows.

Every 4 months or so I find enough guts to roam into vBox trying
everything that's out here and there, gee there's always a new version
of the same, but I like the "new" challenge, even if the old challenge
have not been succeed (who's got time anyway;)) (I'm 47 -with the 19yr
old mind- and not going any younger no-matter hard I try;))lolol

Thank You all for the help;)

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  compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in WorkaroundsWindow::setVisibility()