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[Bug 736812] Re: Update to 10.04.2 LTS does make desktop instable


Probably I found a race condition for this bug:

 * without doing any mouse action (aside from moving it to move focus)
the xrandr command will work fine and my desktop does behave as expected
(after running it).

 * Even clicking into a terminal (to get focus) does trigger this bug,
e.g. after running xrandr I can NOT change virtual desktops and have to

 * Starting any application with the mouse  -before running xrandr
successfully-  may damage both, the desktop AND the application in a
non-predictable manner.  -  So, please ignore the above hints about
Thunderbird: It's not a Thunderbird problem but one with X / xrandr.

Note: Starting laptop alone (without docking station and external
monitor) will work fine without problems.

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  Update to 10.04.2 LTS does make desktop instable