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[Bug 688249] Re: Double-clicking a maximized window in expo w/ wobbly "maximize effect" enabled results in permanently deformed window


Attached is a screenshot of the start of the problem. See that the mouse
pointer in over desktop 1, but the maximized Thunderbird window on
desktop 9 is deformed, and the deformation follows the mouse, although
all I've done is trigger the expo mode (no clicking anywhere).

The problem is then usually followed by:
- If I click on the window, it recovers its rectangular shape, but instead of covering the desktop it is offset in the x and y directions (occupying portions of other workspaces) and/or partly hidden under the unity overlay.
- If I exit expo and unmaximize the window, the window springs to a deformed shape, then when it stops wobblying it is suddenly replaced by a rectangular window
- If I try to move it, the window behaves as if it had a pin somewhere forcing it to both deform and stay in place. Releasing the mouse button makes the window spring back to its original position, making it impossible to move.
- If I maximize it again, the wobbly animation again ends at a deformed shape, then the rectangular window appears
- Unmaximizing and focusing another window seems clears the problem

I've had instances of this bug where the window in question continues to
be deformed according to the mouse position even after leaving expo, and
other instances where the window remains statically deformed after
exiting expo..

I wouldn't know, but it looks like a mouse click-and-hold event or a
multitouch tap event is being registered on the window despite not being
issued, and only being cleared after exiting expo, unmaximizing and
focusing another window.. It might be that the problem is not in the
wobbly effect itself, but is only apparent with this plug-in enabled,
and displays very occasionally as random window moves without it.

** Attachment added: "Screenshot.png"

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  Double-clicking a maximized window in expo w/ wobbly "maximize effect"
  enabled results in permanently deformed window