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[Bug 736812] Re: Update to 10.04.2 LTS does make desktop instable


Over time  -observing this bug every day-  I have found another race
condition for this bug:

During X startup, if I see a screen like the attached one with
horizontal control bar moved up some space into the desktop area for 1-2
seconds, the desktop is guaranteed to become instable immediately or
after some time (maximum 1 hour, mostly much less)  -  with and without
"xrandr" command executed.

( *IF* this screen does occure is something by accident / random - today
yes, tomorrow no. However, without this screen the "xrandr" command will
work successfully. With this screen, "xrandr" returns without failure,
but does not have the expected effect - and leaves the system unusable
as described initially.)

For me, this seems to be a problem with the correct order of some
concurrent initialization processes (maybe combined with some structural
memory damage like stack overflow or similar).


 * Today I did install a security update for package "x11-xserver-utils" (which owns "xrandr"). This did NOT affect this bug.
 * Hint for understanding the uprising of attached screen: My laptop display is smaller than the external monitor. Position of moved up control bar is suitable for laptop resolution, e.g. on the laptop the control bar is placed correctly.

** Attachment added: "Screenshot of another race condition (re-enacted with GIMP from a normal screenshot)"

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  Update to 10.04.2 LTS does make desktop instable