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[Bug 776904] Re: Application windows not redrawn, appears unresponsive


I can now reproduce this reliably. This affects both "Application
Switcher" and "Static Application switcher".

* Upgraded to Natty
* All available upgrades installed. (No conflicts etc.)
* Switched to gnome-classic
* Ring Switcher configured from CompizConfig
* Freshly rebooted machine

Procedure to reproduce
1. Start a gnome-terminal (in window), chromium (maximized) and eclipse (maximized)
2. Switch between windows with alt-tab (OK)
3. Switch between windows using taskbar (OK)
4. Start CompizConfig
5. Disable Ring Switcher, enable Static Application Switcher.
6. Switch between windows using taskbar. (OK)
7. Switch between windows using alt-tab (FAIL!)
Actual result:
 At this point, any window you select with Static Application Switcher becomes unresponsive. 
Expected result:
 Window works as before.

8. Type in windows. (FAIL)
Actual result:
 Windows appear to be unresponsive. No input is accepted.
Expected result:
 Typed text appears.

9. Resize windows (FIX)
All the text you typed appear in the windows. Apparently all input is accepted and processed. The window is just not redrawn.

10. Switch back to Ring Switcher. (FIX)
If you have stuck windows, they appear to be stuck until you resize them. But from here on, everything works normally.

Uneducated Bullshit Hypothesis:
After releasing alt-tab the window switcher UI remains the topmost component and compiz thinks the window is behind the window switcher, thus it does not need to be redrawn.

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  Application windows not redrawn, appears unresponsive