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[Bug 760814] Re: Compiz Very Slow and Choppy in Natty Classic


After more research, this is seeming more and more like a compiz bug.
While the nvidia driver also seems to have problems and it certainly
isn't helping things, Gnome 3/Mutter and KDE/Kwin do not appear to be
affected.  As I mentioned in comment #40, KDE is slower for me than
Gnome, especially on dual displays.  However, I think this is a
limitation of my hardware and KDE because the slowness is uniform and
consistent.  glxgears reports lower framerates, but it is smooth.  I
think KDE stresses my system more than Gnome and adding a second display
increases the strain.  I hope this helps to narrow down the cause.

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  Compiz Very Slow and Choppy in Natty Classic

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