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[Bug 745839] Re: [Xpress 200M] compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in pthread_mutex_lock() due to compiz loading on rez > texture size


This issue has an interesting symptom on my Radeon X300SE. Compiz
appears to be starting normally, but just as it finishes the screen
turns into a jumbled mess of my desktop wallpaper. More interesting is
if I enable Enhanced Zoom Desktop and zoom in or out, the screen
alternates between that jumbled mess and the wallpaper itself - not
zoomed, and with nothing else present (no windows, panels etc), but also
not distorted at all. Trying to take a screenshot crashes the X server
so I've attached a photo instead.

The system still works just fine; I can even grab windows and move them
around with the still-visible cursor (which still changes when over a
text field, etc) - I just can't see them, nor anything other than this
jumbled mess (or the intact wallpaper if I try to zoom).

It also displays a fairly self-explanatory error message in the terminal:
r300: Implementation error: Render targets are too big in r300_set_framebuffer_state, refusing to bind framebuffer state!

I wonder if a possible workaround is to not draw the root window, but
draw one "fake" root window for each display (or each 2048x2048 region
of the display area), copying from the real one or just displaying the
desktop wallpaper on it, and not allow any window to be larger than that
size? It seems like only the root window is likely to ever get that big
in most setups, and there's not really much reason I know of not to
split it into multiple windows, which would avoid creating such large
textures. (A better idea of course is to split windows into multiple
textures, but that requires xrandr 1.4.)

Anyway I just wanted to note that odd symptom and the error message in
case anyone else had been asking about it.

** Attachment added: "Photo of corrupted wallpaper"

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  [Xpress 200M] compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in pthread_mutex_lock() due
  to compiz loading on rez > texture size