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[Bug 740126] Re: Disabling an output can cause vblank events to be missed


Sorry if this is answered (indirectly even) elsewhere - but is this fix
(patch from #83) expected to be be backported to a natty kernel ?  I
understand that the patch is for 2.6.39 so it would have to be
backported to 2.6.38 for Natty yes ?  Would this come in natty-updates
or natty-backports ?  I guess I'm mixing the usage of the term
'backport' here (i.e. literal repo term vs. generalized term) - sorry.

I really want to go to 11.04 but this bug is a showstopper.  Especially
running any virtualization - X crash of this nature means you are losing
N running OSes of work :(  I feel less crazy reading #11 re: not
shipping with this bug (I agree).  I understand this was listed in the
Known Issues section of release notes, but still this is pretty serious.
Disabling screen locking is not doable for anyone in a security
conscious environment (i.e. workplace).

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  Disabling an output can cause vblank events to be missed