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[Bug 764330] Re: Move window annoying slow with compiz


Soren -
I haven't had a chance to even take a look at glxgears yet, I will tomorrow and see if I can get the same behavior you're seeing.

I can confirm that while the "mouse fix" works every time for me now,
there are definite lingering "slow performance creepage" problems going
on as well.  I was just hit with the same stuttery windows (confirmed
that at least mouse input was still at 125hz), and then compwiz crashed
after a few minutes of this.  When it came back, it's smooth again.

In short, there is a definite USB (at least!) input device sampling
issue that needs addressing, but there is very much likely more to the
story.   I'll reply to your specific questions OOB, so as to not spam
the list.

yannack -
I actually came back before bed to post due to something almost like that.  After a reboot, I noticed the laggyness again - quick look showed the mouse back up to 1000Mhz sampling rates.  So apparently the USB hid driver is being loaded prior to it being re-loaded for final system boot.  Makes sense, so you can interact with the kernel during it's bootup process if needed.

This puzzled me a little, and still does - but I've been able to get the
mouse to reset to 125Mhz by simply plugging it into a different USB root
hub.  You can then switch it back to the original port, and it will
again negotiate at the desired mousepoll rate.  So seems like there is
some "caching" going on, I just am too tired to investigate exactly

So, work around above likely will help some users - but there is a lot
more debugging to be done!

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  Move window annoying slow with compiz

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