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[Bug 764330] Re: Move window annoying slow with compiz


Call me crazy, but in my case the severe lag on moving windows shows up
*only* when Firefox >= v4.0 is running.

In fact, the lag is proportional to the number of Firefox windows open
(but not to the number of tabs). The Firefox window state and which
workspace it is in relative to the window being dragged does not matter.
Reproducible  with about:blank and in Firefox safe-mode (no add-ins). No
other application (tried a few: from Chrome open to GIMP) causes any lag
regardless of number of windows, also Firefox v3.6 does *not* cause the
lag either (so I downgraded for now). Yes, it sounds crazy -- but that's
it: the fewer Firefox windows open, the less lag, and no lag when
Firefox is not running!

Why? My only wild guess is: Firefox 4.0 is the first one that came with
Unity integration (however, I have the "menu bar integration with Unity"
disabled... and Unity turned off). In any case, its tab control is
noticeably different from v3.6 (and feels like it comes from outside of
Firefox -- pure speculation). It might not be Firefox's fault, but it
does something to bring up the problem wherever this problem is.

Different mice (Thinkpad's trackpad, trackpoint, external Logitech
wireless) exhibit noticeably different degrees of lag -- so it does seem
mouse related in some way. Setting mousepoll=10 (and confirming it had
that value after reboot) makes no difference (for the usb mouse).
Killing unity-window-decorator and moving window using context menu's
Move also lags in same way. Playing with above-mentioned params in
compiz config makes no difference. Restarting compiz makes no difference
-- lag disappears after Firefox is closed *without* any restart.

Ubuntu Natty, Radeon X1400 with open source drivers
gnome-panel+compiz (Unity turned off)
All other actions in compiz e.g. cube are smooth regardless of whether Firefox is running, although when Firefox is running, there is a lag when rotation is initiated.

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  Move window annoying slow with compiz

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