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[Bug 830949] Re: [Intel N10 Graphics] Plugging in external monitor to VGA port makes both displays corrupted with thick slanted lines


Hi Jay,

As with other systems exhibiting this problem, I retested this with the
Oneiric image from 20110823. Rather than the corruption as reported by
Jeff, on the external screen I see a black background and only the
panel, while the internal screen shows some ghosting of windows and is
sluggish/unresponsive. Bug 807161has a more detailed description and

It seems to me that once the Compiz problem out of the way, we hit that
other bug again. Also see bug 790824 for a more technical discussion of
this behavior.

To answer your questions:

- Is it possible to know the details of that particular system (in the
picture): how much RAM does it has?

I can give you any details you need on the Inspiron Mini 1018 which had
the same behavior as Jeff described. This has 1 GB RAM. Please let me
know if you need any more data.

 - What is the resolution of the external monitor?

Native 1280x1024.

 - Is it possible to lower the external monitor resolution when setting
up a multi-monitor configuration?

Yes :) This is best done by opening a terminal prior to plugging in the
external screen and using xrandr to switch modes, as once the external
is plugged in, things are too sluggish to use the GUI.

 - Does the problem shown in the picture still occurs when the external
monitor resolution is at its lowest?

The internal display has 1024x600 resolution. I found that I can bring
the external display from 640x480 all the way to 1024x768 and things
continue to work fine. The first resolution that fails is 1152x864. At
the default resolution for the external monitor (1280x1024) things also
don't work.

By the way, I also tried and reported on this under Maverick and Natty
for bug 807161 (see comment #9), where the findings were similar: at a
low enough resolution, the external display works fine.

Thanks for all your help!

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  [Intel N10 Graphics] Plugging in external monitor to VGA port makes
  both displays corrupted with thick slanted lines

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