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[Bug 838075] Re: Alt-Tab - make pause to spread default alt-tab behaviour. Upgrade existing installs as well.


This bug was fixed in the package unity - 4.16.0-0ubuntu1

unity (4.16.0-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::GpuDevice::GetGpuInfo()
      (LP: #765375)
    - F10 doesn't start keyboard navigation to the panel (LP: #839628)
    - Change on the at-spi accessibility-toolkit can affect also Unity
      (LP: #844927)
    - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV when a lens is shutting down (LP: #848675)
    - [UIFe] Radiance panel icons are unreadable and ugly when panel goes
      transparent with Dash (LP: #828862)
    - window switcher stuck (not only, but can be triggered with Onboard)
      (LP: #832033)
    - Window titlebar is click through after raising a minimized window
      (LP: #840285)
    - Alt+Shift+` does not work in symmetry with Alt+` (LP: #843250)
    - UIFe: Alt-Tab: Update layout behavior to make previews larger and
      outline active preview (LP: #847944)
    - windows clipped on resize (LP: #848962)
    - Alt-tab - Add orange border to selected window in alt-tab window spread
      (LP: #838114)
    - Launcher - the direction the Launcher is scrolled with the mouse wheel
      is inverted (LP: #839703)
    - Launcher - the rendering of the BFB and Lens squircle does not match the
      design (LP: #838708)
    - Alt-Tab - In the app window spread, all windows should have the same
      height, only the width should vary (LP: #838110)
    - Launcher - the background of the Launcher should be tinted using the
      average colour of the wallpaper (LP: #850068)
    - Alt-tab - It is currently very difficult to see pips in the left of the
      app icon for the currently selected app (LP: #838134)
    - Launcher - Auto scroll missing from the top of the Launcher
      (LP: #838744)
    - Scope searches blocks the lens (LP: #850816)
    - Shortcuts SUPER+1...9 doesn’t work until opening a window (LP: #768076)
    - Dash closes prematurely when dragging apps into the launcher
      (LP: #773892)
    - Dash - As soon as a user starts dragging a .png file from the Dash, the
      file icon turns into a grey question mark (LP: #764447)
    - Dash shows an empty icon for some applications. (LP: #830887)
    - Windows are click through after restore from minimize (LP: #834034)
    - Dash - No keyboard shortcuts for switching lenses (LP: #842086)
    - Dash search for files states "two more results" but doesn't display them
      (LP: #840005)
    - <meta>+<shift>+<launcher #> to start a new instance of a program doesn't
      work anymore (LP: #842977)
    - Alt-tab - Cross interactions between Alt-tab and Dash are broken
      (LP: #844021)
    - UIFe: Dash - Shape and positioning of most of the elements in the Dash
      need adjustment (Part 2) (LP: #844889)
    - Alt-Tab - make pause to spread default alt-tab behaviour. Upgrade
      existing installs as well. (LP: #838075)
    - Do not install unity-preference (LP: #847599)
    - Update unity --distro to latest plugins installed (LP: #847799)
    - off by one error in count of additional results in a category
      (LP: #848218)
    - UIFe - Launcher - The background of the BFB, Workspace Switcher, Lens,
      and Trash launcher icons tiles needs to use the average background
      colour of the wallpaper (LP: #838688)
    - dragging a window to the top while maximized gives it double borders
      (LP: #850985)
    - Launcher does not show if the cursor is placed 1px away from the left
      edge and then moved to the edge (LP: #801320)
    - [alt-tab] [wishlist] Use Alt-` as a keyboard shortcut to switch between
      multiple windows of the same app (LP: #825467)
    - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::Size::SetWidth() (LP: #815864)
  * debian/unity.install:
    - remove /usr/share/applications as unity-preferences no longer exist
 -- Didier Roche <didrocks@xxxxxxxxxx>   Thu, 15 Sep 2011 18:53:02 +0200

** Changed in: unity (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  Alt-Tab - make pause to spread default alt-tab behaviour. Upgrade
  existing installs as well.

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