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[Bug 852953] [NEW] can't grab window. slight graphic tearing. window gap.


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when a window is on the forground, i can grab it, but if i maximise
another two windows, then unmaximise, the window behind it is not grab-
able, and i cannot interact with that window. i have been maximising one
window to activate the lowest window.  ALSO sometimes using Chrome or
Home (Finder in OSX) or Banshee i get graphic tearing like in OSX but to
a much much lesser degree. since the first 3D Unity i sometimes randomly
get a gap above a window. and final bug..... since 9.04 after a few
updates the splash screen stops coming up. hasn't happened here :D but
thot i would mention it while i was here :)

can i just say, I like the top bar icon, they actually look HiRes, im
well chuffed. thank you. about software center.. the friendly pic of
sweets is nice , it made me smile, but why such a low res? it looked
like 240p instead of 720p and up.

and to the biggest thing of all, it 'feels' like a mac... wow.. years of
saying we were close.. but now. wow!      now a sanity check lol boot
times are super slow, Gnome YMMV but i found it ugly and stupid, not
clever and comfortable like 3D Unity, and it is a bit pretty, but the
Res. needs tweaks. and the log in time is ridiculous over twenty second
to log after i put my password in and hit enter.

but hey WOW good jobs guys  :thumbs up: lets beat Apple!

** Affects: compiz (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

can't grab window. slight graphic tearing.  window gap.
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