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[Bug 642792] Re: ALT+PrtSc not recognised: breaks built-in screenshot function


Florian Sievers (#31) is right: in a clean Maverick install, 'cat
/proc/sys/kernel/sysrq' (or 'sudo sysctl -a | grep kernel.sysrq') shows
kernel.sysrq=0 , but in fact sysrq's are enabled (and eating up
Alt+PrtScn). If i set it as 'sudo sysctl -w kernel.sysrq=0', supposedly
it wouldn't change anything, since its already 0, but yet it disables
sysrqs and allows me to take windowshots again.  So currently this is
really a mess.

If this is fixed for Natty, Oneric, great. But for Maverick it is not,
so please at least issue an SRU to fix that! It is *very* annoying, and
newcomers and novice users will find this *very* frustrating, to say the

In Lucid, both worlds were happy: Alt+PrnScr alone took windowshots, and
Alt+PrnScr+<somekey> triggered Sysrqs. Maverick *should* have the same

Also, as spoken here several times:  this is expected even from Windows
users. Sysrq's can also be triggered with Right Alt (AltGr here) +
PrnScr. Taking windowshots is *far* more common then Sysrqs (meant for
emergencies only).

Those who know what a sysrq is can easily workaround this. Most of
"screenshoters" (=regular users) can not.

Please revert to the expected behavior!

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  ALT+PrtSc not recognised: breaks built-in screenshot function

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