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[Bug 872207] Re: When Firefox is running in Unity, drop-down menus sometime close when opened



[This comment is a bit long.  For those in a hurry, perhaps just read
the "important part" set off below. :) ]

As with Dave Russell (comment #15), menus disappear for me constantly as
well, both in Firefox and in Thunderbird.  I'd say 20+ times an hour
rather than 20+ per day.

Globalmenus work OK, but right-click and dropdown menus disappear all
the time, by either flashing incredibly briefly and then disappearing or
sometimes appearing but then disappear as soon as I move the mouse
(oddly, using up/down arrow keys does work correctly in this latter

As with Domingos86 (comment #4), pressing Alt-Tab does seem to correct
the problem.  Unfortunately, unlike Dave (comment #15), unmaximizing
then re-maximizing the effected window does _not_ work for me.


POSSIBLY IMPORTANT:  Unlike Domingos86 (comment #15), best I can tell, I
seem to _only_ have the problem when using either the workspace switcher
(I use this rarely) or pressing my middle mouse button, which I have
mapped to invoke the same Expo view (within the Compiz Expo plugin; I
use this constantly).  On the other hand, when using the 4
Ctrl+Alt+<arrow key> combinations, I have yet to observe the menus /
dropdowns disappearing (I will certainly pay close attention to this and
report back if I observe otherwise).

THUS, it might be that the initiation of the problem is localized to
activating the Expo view (by whatever means) and then switching to a
workspace with a Firefox / Thunderbird window.   SO, I'm quite curious:
Does anyone else besides Domingos86 encounter the problem _without_
going into Expo view shortly beforehand?


I personally keep only one maximized window, Firefox, on workspace 2 and
only one maximized window, Thunderbird, on workspace 4.  I say this to
say: I wonder if another limiting factor might be that the Firefox /
Thunderbird window has to be maximized and the topmost (i.e., top of the
window z-order) for the problem to occur.  Has anyone encountered this
problem with Firefox / Thunderbird _not_ being maximized?

Thanks as always,

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  When Firefox is running in Unity, drop-down menus sometime close when

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