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[Bug 764330] Re: [regression] Moving windows lags behind the mouse by 1-2 seconds; appear to freeze when dragging.


** Description changed:

- <fill me in with explanation of severity and frequency of bug on users and justification for backporting the fix to the stable release>
+ Windows don't move when dragged with the mouse, except intermittently. Very poor user experience.
  [Development Fix]
- <fill me in with an explanation of how the bug has been addressed in the development branch, including the relevant version numbers of packages modified in order to implement the fix. >
+ Deleted a temporary workaround for an old bug in the move plugin, which itself was buggy. It was causing the move plugin to unexpectedly revert from the default "lazy" asynchronous mode (fast) to a blocking synchronous mode, which is simply too slow to keep up with the mouse on some machines.
  [Stable Fix]
- <fill me in by pointing out a minimal patch applicable to the stable version of the package.>
+ As above.
- [Text Case]
- <fill me in with detailed *instructions* on how to reproduce the bug.  This will be used by people later on to verify the updated package fixes the problem.>
- 1.
- 2.
- 3.
- Broken Behavior: 
- Fixed Behavior: 
+ [Test Case]
+ Drag windows around rapidly using the mouse.
+ Broken Behaviour: Windows don't move, except maybe once every 1-2 seconds.
+ Fixed Behaviour: Windows move smoothly and keep up with the mouse.
+ If you can't reproduce the bug then try using a very slow or old machine. I used an N270 based Atom netbook.
  [Regression Potential]
- <fill me in with a discussion of likelihood and potential severity of regressions and how users could get inadvertently affected. 
+ Low. The fix has been in every-day use by many users of ppa:vanvugt/compiz for a while.
  [Original Report]
  I have fast machine( 4gb of ram, amd64 x4, nvidia 460 ), using proprietary nvidia driver.
  Natty b2 x64, updated yesterday.
  Windows move very slow, but only by mouse. Windows moving fast by Put plugin.
  lasy_positioning is enabled.
  Disabling wobbly windows and switching window decorator not helping.
  When video is recording, windows moves much faster. Maybe problem with screen redraw.
  If you need, i can record video by camera, windows moving unreal slow when video not recording.

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  [regression] Moving windows lags behind the mouse by 1-2 seconds;
  appear to freeze when dragging.

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