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[Bug 709461] Re: Application windows can sometimes fail to display and will mask regions of the screen


I'm seeing a similar problem (invisible window) on a thinkpad T410
running oneiric.  I'm pasting in some recent comments from the bug I
reported (lp:921094)  and my xwininfo -all output on the dead
zones/invisible windows.  Thanks,


managed to get the problem back, but the dead zone/inviisible window is
not in this case identical to the switcher. The attached output of
xwininfo -all describes an area slightly below the switcher, slightly
shorter, and approximately the same width (I can't seem to get xwininfo
data on the switcher itself, sorry).

By bringing a full-screen terminal window to the front of the window
stack, I was able to visually trace the approximate dimensions of the
dead zone (because the cursor shape changes visibly). I also found a
second very small dead zone in the upper right quadrant -- very oddly,
the xwininfo output for that second, very small, dead zone is identical
to the output of the first window. I can't really see why that would be
the case, but am also attaching that output to this bug report.

xwininfo -all doesn't really seem like enough info to figure out which
application is responsible for spawning, then abandoning this window.
Is there anything else I can do? I'll try to hold off on restarting
compiz for a while in case you have suggestions.

** Attachment added: "output of xwininfo -all"

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  Application windows can sometimes fail to display and will mask
  regions of the screen

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