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[Bug 689733] Re: Application icons should only display windows from the current workspace in the window spread


This bug was fixed in the package unity - 5.2.0-0ubuntu1

unity (5.2.0-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    - Unity needs a way to switch (tab) between windows on current workspace
      (LP: #863399)
    - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in BamfLauncherIcon::NameForWindow()
      (LP: #865840)
    - Gradual degradation in desktop performance. (LP: #888039)
    - compiz (unity) crashes with SIGSEGV when a window is minimized.
      (LP: #918329)
    - FavoriteStore external change support (LP: #681503)
    - Launcher - Make Launcher left of screen reveal more responsive and less
      prone to false positives (LP: #765819)
    - Window auto-maximise functionality should be disabled on monitors with a
      resolution above 1024 x 600  (LP: #797808)
    - Dash: very high latency responding to input (LP: #828582)
    - Dash - Behaviour of the 'All' button in the Dash filters broken in
      several ways   (LP: #841864)
    - alt-tab - The app title in the top left of the top bar should change as
      the alt-tab focus changes (LP: #855516)
    - Keyboard shortcut - Add keyboard shortcut hint overlay that is displayed
      when a user presses and holds the Super key (LP: #855532)
    - Unity crashes when started in an environment without utouch support
      (LP: #860707)
    - Dash - Remove Dash Home shortcut icons (LP: #885738)
    - Dash - Most Frequently Used apps change to Recently Used, without
      Launcher favorites (LP: #893214)
    - Should have a launcher on every monitor (LP: #915944)
    - Launcher autohide behaviour on multi-monitor (LP: #915946)
    - the unity wrapper should kill compiz before restarting it (LP: #919132)
    - Launcher - Implement workspace/launcher cross interactions (LP: #690143)
    - Application icons should only display windows from the current workspace
      in the window spread (LP: #689733)
    - Notification area ("system tray") missing when using dual monitors of
      different sizes, with their bottoms aligned (LP: #778256)
    - Clicking Nautilus launcher icon fails to open a Nautilus file explorer
      window when  copying a file and all other Nautilus windows are closed /
      bamf should skip the taskbar (LP: #784804)
    - Dash - the search box is not aligned correctly relative to the Launcher
      BFB button (LP: #838904)
    - Dash - A expand/collapse arrow is missing from all the filter category
      headers (LP: #841870)
    - Dash - the filter buttons should not have a mouse over state
      (LP: #838901)
    - Dash - the "Filter results" text is the wrong size, wrong font weight,
      and aligned incorrectly in both the vertical and horizontal axis
      (LP: #863240)
    - Add SUPER+TAB switching mode that enables the user to switch
      applications via the Launcher (LP: #891620)
    - Software Centre - automatically add app icon to launcher (LP: #761851)
    - Compiz add transparency to titlebar along with the panel (LP: #912682)
    - The search box is too opaque and dark (LP: #913717)
    - Dash - Make statefulness of Dash Home and Dash Lenses consistent
      (LP: #914759)
    - Unity 5.0: "All" button for filters render as "..." (LP: #915200)
    - Adding an option to the Sources filter from a remote Python scope
      doesn't work (LP: #916758)
    - super+tab switcher shows shortcut overlay sometimes (LP: #918453)
    - SUPER+TAB switcher should be circular (LP: #919018)
    - launcher not hiding in one design-specified case (LP: #919162)
    - The Unity hints overlay should refer to "Trash" instead of "Rubbish Bin"
      (LP: #920529)
    - middle-click pasting in run dialog [Alt]+[F2] doesn't work (LP: #842462)
    - Dash - Genre filter category in the Music Lens should use a 3 column
      layout (LP: #841902)
    - Expo plugin not marked as essential for Unity plugin (in ccsm)
      (LP: #897697)
    - unity log messages in ~/.xsession-errors are NOT identified as coming
      from unity (LP: #908004)
    - Launcher icon progress overlay is drawn incorrectly when using odd icon
      size (LP: #911553)
    - Menus don't hide if moving cursor during alt+tab (LP: #913889)
    - When removing icon from launcher by unselecting "Keep in launcher" in
      the quick, it's super+number shortcut becomes unaccessible until I put
      another icon on the launcher (LP: #914018)
    - It should be possible to escape from SUPER+TAB with Escape key
      (LP: #919019)
    - Clicking on an empty areas makes the dash search bar lose focus
      (LP: #919567)
    - Dash - the options in the "filter results" section are the wrong size,
      aligned incorrectly, and the button outline width is incorrect
      (LP: #863246)
    - clicking filter categories in lenses changes search box hint text.
      (LP: #923988)
    - Dash home screen contains previous search result (LP: #924649)
    - checkbox-unity: test descriptions need an update (LP: #924669)
    - Missing dependency on python-gconf (LP: #923288)
  * debian/control:
    - dep on python-gconf (LP: #923288)
    - add a version dep from unity to libunity-core-5.0-5 as the ABI
      is breaking a lot and it helps wrong update for the autogenerated
      package from the ppa (especially when people downgrade)
    - build-dep on latest Nux
    - push priority to extra for the transitional package
    - fix a dep on binary:Version
    - build-dep on latest libunity-dev
 -- Didier Roche <didrocks@xxxxxxxxxx>   Fri, 03 Feb 2012 11:37:52 +0100

** Changed in: unity (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  Application icons should only display windows from the current
  workspace in the window spread

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