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[Bug 967029] Re: scale plugin window picker doesn't show windows in all viewport


I installed the ppa version from. With ppa packages, <Super>w only shows
windows in a viewport, not all viewports. ie there is no difference
between <shift><alt><up> and <Super>w. The package details are below

$dpkg -l | grep compiz
ii  compiz                                 1:                 OpenGL window and compositing manager
ii  compiz-core                            1:                 OpenGL window and compositing manager
ii  compiz-gnome                           1:                 OpenGL window and compositing manager - GNOME window decorator
ii  compiz-plugins                         1:                 OpenGL window and compositing manager - plugins
ii  compiz-plugins-default                 1:                 OpenGL window and compositing manager - default plugins
ii  compiz-plugins-main                    1:          Compiz plugins - main collection
ii  compiz-plugins-main-default            1:          Compiz plugins - main default collection
ii  compizconfig-backend-gconf                          Compiz Fusion configuration system - gconf backend
ii  compizconfig-settings-manager                       Compiz configuration settings manager
ii  libcompizconfig0                              Settings library for plugins - OpenCompositing Project
ii  python-compizconfig                                 Compizconfig bindings for python
$dpkg -l | grep unity
ii  checkbox                               0.13.6-0unityppa1                       System testing application
ii  checkbox-gtk                           0.13.6-0unityppa1                       GTK interface for checkbox
ii  checkbox-qt                            0.13.6-0unityppa1                       QT4 interface for checkbox
ii  checkbox-unity                         0.4.15                                  Checkbox Unity
ii  gir1.2-unity-5.0                       5.8.0-0ubuntu1                          GObject introspection data for the Unity library
ii  libmeanwhile1                          1.0.2-4ubuntu1                          open implementation of the Lotus Sametime Community Client protocol
ii  libunity-2d-private0                   5.8.0+bzr1048ubuntu0+inline             Unity 2D shared library
ii  libunity-core-5.0-5                    5.8.0+bzr2252ubuntu0+677                Core library for the Unity interface.
ii  libunity-misc4                         4.0.4-0ubuntu2                          Miscellaneous functions for Unity - shared library
ii  libunity9                              5.8.0-0ubuntu1                          binding to get places into the launcher - shared library
ii  popcon-ocdc                            1-8                                     Vote for your favourite Open Client for Debian Community packages automatically
ii  unity                                  5.8.0+bzr2252ubuntu0+677                Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.
ii  unity-2d                               5.8.0+bzr1048ubuntu0+inline             Unity interface for non-accelerated graphics cards
ii  unity-2d-common                        5.8.0+bzr1048ubuntu0+inline             Common files for Unity 2D Shell
ii  unity-2d-panel                         5.8.0+bzr1048ubuntu0+inline             Unity 2D Panel
ii  unity-2d-shell                         5.8.0+bzr1048ubuntu0+inline             Dash and Launcher for the Unity 2D environment
ii  unity-2d-spread                        5.8.0+bzr1048ubuntu0+inline             Unity 2D Spread
ii  unity-asset-pool                       0.8.23-0ubuntu1                         Unity Assets Pool
ii  unity-common                           5.8.0+bzr2252ubuntu0+677                Common files for the Unity interface.
ii  unity-greeter                          0.2.7-0ubuntu2                          Unity Greeter
ii  unity-lens-applications                5.8.0+bzr281ubuntu0+190                 Application lens for unity
ii  unity-lens-files                       5.8.0+bzr227ubuntu0+166                 File lens for unity
ii  unity-lens-music                       5.8.0+bzr77ubuntu0+61                   Music lens for unity
ii  unity-lens-video                       0.3.5-0ubuntu1                          Unity Video lens
ii  unity-scope-musicstores                5.8.0+bzr77ubuntu0+61                   Store music lens for unity
ii  unity-scope-video-remote               0.3.5-0ubuntu2                          Remote videos engine
ii  unity-services                         5.8.0+bzr2252ubuntu0+677                Services for the Unity interface

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  scale plugin window picker doesn't show windows in all viewport

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