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[Bug 803943] Re: compiz consuming a lot of cpu


With the rhythmbox window open and rhythmbox playing a song (and the
slider slowly moving from left to right), but with the rhythmbox window
_NOT_ visible, compiz consumes ~10% CPU constantly (Firefox at full
screen, two gnome terminals [top & dstack] in front of it).

dstack seemed to indicate that "waitforvideosync" (sp?) is (almost,
behind some fglrx calls, and ioctl at the very top) at the top of the
stack pretty often. That's expected I guess, but I wasn't sure if ioctl
can be used to block a thread, so I unchecked the vsync option in ccsm.
compiz CPU usage is now down to ~3% with vsync disabled and rhythmbox
not visible.

slow scrolling in firefox with vsync enabled: ~50% compiz CPU usage
slow scrolling in firefox with vsync disabled: ~16% compiz CPU usage

I'm not sure what to think of this. Busy waiting for vsync in fglrx? Or
is the lower CPU usage just some side-effect in compiz caused by
disabling vsync?

Daniel, thanks for your efforts to improve compiz. :-)

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  compiz consuming a lot of cpu

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