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[Bug 988079] Re: [nvidia] Dismal compiz performance on HP Z600 with 30" landscape monitor


glxinfo output attached.

xrandr was reporting a 50 Hz refresh rate. I disabled "Detect Refresh
Rate" in CCSM -> Composite, forced the refresh rate to 60 Hz, logged
out, logged back in, confirmed the settings stuck, and re-tested
glxgears and glmark2. No significant difference.

I installed glmark2 and ran the first few scenes under gnome-shell
("GNOME Classic (No effects)" from the login menu), gnome-shell with
compiz ("GNOME Classic" from the login menu), and Unity ("Ubuntu" from
the login menu), with -s 2550x1450 for all, which mostly fills the
machine's screen. The detailed results are attached above. The first
time I ran it with gnome-shell+compiz I didn't have the "Force full
screen redraws" workaround enabled in CCSM; thus the two attachments.

In all situations, Sync to VBlank was turned on both in nvidia-settings
and CCSM.

Without compiz glmark2 achieves a smooth framerate.

With compiz and gnome-shell glmark2 claims to be reaching between about
170 and 240 FPS depending on whether "Force full-screen redraws" is
turned on in CCSM. However, it is *not* achieving this frame rate. The
on-screen animation is visibly dropping frames. This clearly indicates
that compiz is part of the problem.

With Unity glmark2 gets about 1 frame per second, confirmed from visual
inspection. This clearly indicates that Unity is a major part of the

Some colleagues have indicated that Unity is working well in similar
workstations with recent NVIDIA graphics cards. I suspect that the
problems occur when the GPU is fully saturated, which is much less
likely to happen with newer cards. Unfortunately, we have thousands of
Quadro FX 380 and 580 cards in deployment, and they have been working
reasonably well up until now under Ubuntu 10.04.

It may well be that bug 987304 and bug 1005074 describe part of the
problem reported here, but compiz is also unquestionably imposing
overhead that is affecting the performance of OpenGL applications; the
Unity shell is not the only problem.

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  [nvidia] Dismal compiz performance on HP Z600 with 30" landscape

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