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[Bug 1009338] Re: composite refresh rate falls back to 50Hz, which is wrong in most cases


** Description changed:

+ [Test Case]
+ 1. Run ccsm
+ 2. Click on Composite
+    -> Confirm that the Refresh Rate is set to 60 by default (you can click reset to default to be sure of that)
+ Only for devices that have problems with sync to vblank and xrandr refresh rate detection:
+ 3. In ccsm Composite options, disable Detect Refresh Rate
+ 4. Log out and in again
+    -> Try to verify that compiz is running 60 Hz by default
+ [Regression Potential]
+ No regression potential
+ Original description:
  The composite plugin chooses its refresh rate in this order:
    1. Try to sync to vblank and match the monitor's real refresh rate.
    2. Discover the hardware refresh rate from the xrandr extension.
    3. Fall back to the user-configured refresh rate option, usually configured using CCSM.
  #1 used to work for most drivers. In Ubuntu 12.04, it now only works for
  intel and radeon drivers at most. This is because fglrx, nouveau and
  nvidia all default to disabling sync to vblank.
  #2 works for all drivers except nvidia, which fails to report the
  correct refresh rate in xrandr (bug 92599).
  #3 always works but rarely looks correct. Because most LCDs run at 60Hz
  and composite falls back to 50Hz.
  We can't do anything about #1 and #2 in compiz, but we should fix #3.
  1. Run ccsm (from package compizconfig-settings-manager).
  2. Click on Composite.
  3. Disable: Detect Refresh Rate
  4. Set: Refresh Rate = 60
  5. Log out and in again.
  Alternatively, if you're looking at this bug because of problems with
  the NVIDIA driver, try the workaround listed at the top of bug 92599

** Also affects: compiz (Ubuntu)
   Importance: Undecided
       Status: New

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  composite refresh rate falls back to 50Hz, which is wrong in most

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