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[Bug 929989] Re: compiz (decor) - Warn: failed to bind pixmap to texture


This bug was fixed in the package compiz - 1:0.9.8+bzr3249-0ubuntu1

compiz (1:0.9.8+bzr3249-0ubuntu1) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

  * New upstream snapshot.
    - Fall back to a refresh rate that is more likely to look correct; 60Hz.
      (LP: #1009338)
    - Benchmark plugin should consume its key binding, and not pass the key to
      the underlying window. (LP: #1009320)
    - Avoid needless STL operations leading to expensive heap operations.
      (LP: #1006335)
    - Fix a typo that was causing (LP: #1002606)
    - Check if the window is decorated before trying to change its event window
      states (which won't exist if not decorated) (LP: #1007754)
    - Use the XDamage extension more efficiently (the way it was designed to be
      used). This dramatically reduces CPU usage, reduces wakeups, and
      increases frame rates. It also solves at least one observed performance
      bug (LP: #1007299) and probably several more.
    - Avoid constructing and destructing lots of strings on every single event,
      which was wasting lots of CPU (LP: #1005569)
    - md LINGUAS doesn't exist, it's mnk (Mandinka in ISO 639-3)
    - Move grid plugin to google test and don't depend on the plugin for the
      test (LP: #1005009)
    - Don't read plugin.Initialized and test the value. (LP: #1004848)
    - libcompizconfig's install () commands were still using the old includedir
      and libdir variables rather than their libcompizconfig_* variants.
      (LP: #1005176)
    - Execute the cmake files separately to ensure that DESTDIR is respected.
      (LP: #1005177)
    - Don't set_target_properties on a target that might not exist
      (LP: #1005008)
    - Don't allow windows which we weren't even tracking as decoratable to
      become decorated if they try and change their hints. (LP: #963794)
    - Change the mouse pointer while dragging windows in expo. Just like the
      ubuntu branches do. (LP: #987647)
    - Fix uninitialized memory use (LP: #1004338)
    - Fix uninitialized variable (LP: #1004335)
    - Delay unbinding of pixmaps until then next rebind (LP: #729979)
      (LP: #1002602)
    - Don't drop plugins from the list to try and load before you've even tried
      to load them. Doing so makes missing plugins silently ignored instead of
      an error message (LP: #1002715). It also means valid plugins in more
      unusual, but real locations in LD_LIBRARY_PATH will never get loaded
      (LP: #1002721).
    - If running test cases under a real X server, we don't care if Xvfb is
      missing (LP: #994841)
    - Don't assume pkg_check_modules always sets _PREFIX (LP: #993608)
    - Don't clear selections in ~PrivateScreen because it causes a race between
      the existing and the new compiz instances, breaking --replace and
      non-replace behaviour. (LP: #988684) (LP: #989545)
    - Always paint with infiniteRegion as the clip region if the window is
      transformed and always use the supplied region if painting with offset or
      on transformed screen. (LP: #987639)
    - Add synchronization primitives to the decoration protocol so that there
      isn't a race where we bind a texture that's being freed. (LP: #454218)
      (LP: #929989)
    - fix a crash in the first attempt at this (LP: #996901)
    - Reintroduce the fix for LP: #994841 which was accidentally reverted by
      revision 3133. (LP: #999019)
  * Cherry-pick some post-snapshot crasher fix:
    - rev for Crash in compiz::wall::movementWindowOnScreen (rev 3255)
      (LP: #1015151)
    - Don't set decoration contexts on undecorated windows, since that might be
      read later and code will assume the window is decorated when it isn't.
      (LP: #1015593). rev 3261
  * debian/control:
    - clean build-deps, removing some suggests and rewritting some descriptions
      to fit the reality
    - change Vcs-Bzr to canonical branch
  * add libcompizconfig package:
    - debian/control:
      - add some build-deps
      - add the new packages
    - debian/libcompizconfig0.install, debian/libcompizconfig0-dev.install:
      - added the install files,
      - removed some unused profiles
    - add debian/config for default profile (wasn't shipped anymore upstream)
  * merge compiz-plugins-main, compiz-plugins-main-default,
    compiz-plugins-main-dev and compiz-plugins-extra to this package
    both .install and .install.armhf, .install.armel):
    - compiz-plugins-main-default plugins are now in compiz-plugins-default
    - compiz-plugins-main plugins are now in compiz-plugins
    - compiz-plugins-extra plugins are now in compiz-plugins-extra
    - compiz-plugins-main-dev and some part of compiz-plugins-extra content
      is now in compiz-dev
    - the gconf configuration part is now in compiz-gnome (won't appear if the
      .so file isn't installed in ccsm)
    - debian/control:
      * add the necessary build-dep
      * add the needed replaces
      * add transitional compiz-plugins-main-default, compiz-plugins-main,
        compiz-plugins-main-dev and compiz-plugins-extra packages
  * add python-compizconfig to the package:
    - debian/control:
      add the necessary build-dep, remove cython as in universe and adapt
      upstream code to only use pyrexc
    - debian/rules:
      build with dh_python2
    - add debian/python-compizconfig.install
  * add compizconfig-settings-manager to the package:
    - debian/control:
      * drop some deps
      * add a recommends on -default instead of compiz-plugins
    - add debian/compizconfig-settings-manager.install
  * Remove compiz-kde:
    - not anymore supported upstream
    - remove the build-deps as well
    - remove some reference to -kde in description and depends
    - remove the install file
  * compiz-core:
    - remove and don't install debian/compiz-decorator wrapper anymore
    - same with debian/compiz-decorator.1
    - run gtk-window-decorator in debian/patches/ubuntu-config.patch by default
    - put some dev files in compiz-dev now
  * removing compizconfig-backend-gconf, making this package (as well as the
    new gsettings backend) part of compiz-gnome:
    - added to the .install files
    - added the C/R/P to compiz-gnome
    - added the transitional package
  * debian/patches/ccp_plugin.patch:
    - adapted to new upstream code and style
  * Misc:
    - remove a lot of compiz-fusion and compiz-wrapper references (deprecated,
      upgrade path not supported anymore) in debian/control
    - remove a lot of breaks: replaces: pre-12.04
    - update debian/libdecorator0.symbols
    - set python-compizconfig section to python
    - set some lintian non applicable warnings in *.lintian-overrides
    - merging every patches for every independent sources in this source
    - add debian ccsm manpage (debian/compizconfig-settings-manager.manpages,
    - enable building compiz in parallel
    - switch to dh9
    - build on unversionned boost -dev
    - shipped new workspacename plugin
    - adding some replaces for locale installation support as well
  * debian/patches/99_valid_ccsm_desktop_file.patch:
    - create a valid ccsm desktop file
  * debian/copyright, debian/watch:
    - redone, as new packaging, new source content, new host (launchpad)
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-config.patch:
    - don't expose on edge
  * debian/source/format:
    - remove v3 (quilt) format: it doesn't work well with merge-upstream
  * Note that right now, armhf/armel are building with opengl as opengles is
    not yet backed into upstream and opengles drivers are broken in quantal
 -- Didier Roche <didrocks@xxxxxxxxxx>   Tue, 19 Jun 2012 12:25:07 +0100

** Changed in: compiz (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  compiz (decor) - Warn: failed to bind pixmap to texture

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