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[Bug 955035] Re: Super-W shows vanishing windows the first time you hit it. Windows fly off the screen instead of spreading.


This bug was fixed in the package compiz - 1:0.9.8+bzr3319-0ubuntu1

compiz (1:0.9.8+bzr3319-0ubuntu1) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

  [ Didier Roche ]
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-config.patch:
    - refresh with latest trunk
  * debian/*docs:
    - remove the TODO copy now removed upstream
  * debian/compiz-plugins.install:
    - install stackswitch, trip plugins
  * debian/rules, debian/control:
    - remove the compiz gnome-control-center key sedding through metacity.
      Compiz now directly ships them.
    - we do not need metacity-common anymore as a build-dep then
  * debian/compiz-gnome.migrations, debian/control:
    - build-dep on dh-migrations and ship gconf -> gsettings migration file

  [ Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) ]
  * Update apport hook for python3 ; thanks to Edward Donovan (LP: #1013171)

  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * New upstream snapshot.
    - Fix Compiz crash in movementWindowOnScreen (LP: #1015151)
    - Start window decorator when decor plugin starts (LP: #1014461)
    - Fixed: Crash in compiz::wall::movementWindowOnScreen (LP: #1015151)
    - Don't waste memory leaving /bin/sh running (LP: #1015422)
    - Add reliable detection of the compiz bin directory (LP: #1015898)
    - Check if the window would actually paint before painting the shadow,
      since it is possible that another plugin could be inhibiting paint of
      the dock   window. (LP: #1012956)
    - Don't insert the window into the server list above the window it was
      created above. (LP: #1008020) (LP: #886605)
    - makes compiz enhanced zoom and show mouse plugins considerably
      smoother to use (LP: #930783)
    - Don't set decoration contexts on undecorated windows, since that
      might be read later and code will assume the window is decorated when
      it isn't. (LP: #1015593)
    - Fix potentially unterminated string leading to an uninitialized memory
      read (LP: #1018302)
    - Lift the 31/32 character restriction on key names that was causing so
      many warnings. It's now 1024 characters according to glib. (LP: #1018730)
    - Don't print the result of BUILD_DEB. It prevents ccsm et al from
      installing. (LP: #1018916)
    - Use the XDamage extension more efficiently (the way it was designed to be
      used). This dramatically reduces CPU usage, reduces wakeups, and
      increases frame rates. It also solves at least one observed performance
      bug (LP: #1007299) and probably several more.
    - Do the initial work to get libcompizconfig under test. (LP: #990690)
    - Add support for initiating window picker in other than nomal mode. For
      now added only the additional 'All windows' picker (LP: #933776)
      (LP: #955035)
    - Fixes (LP: #1018602) : An invalid read when using g_variant_iter_loop.
    - Don't allow unbinds of textures kept around for animations in any case,
      not just resizing. (LP: #1016366)
    - Wait for the server to finish processing requests before doing a bind
      (LP: #1016367)
    - Using the next/previous bindings the wall plugin didn't calculate
      correctly the next workspace when it reaches the begin or the end of a
      row of workspaces, so it didn't jump to the next line. (LP: #904205).
    - Added the plug-in "Stack Window Switcher" converted from git to bzr
      (including full history) to Compiz. (LP: #1012205)
    - Added the unsupported, but fully working plug-in "workspacenames"
    - Added the plug-in "Trip" (LP: #1012213)
    - Add extra checks to avoid passing an invalid xid to XGetWindowProperty
      which would result in fatal error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter).
      (LP: #1019337)
    - Fix crash LP: #1019337 properly this time.
    - Added .convert files (for gsettings-data-convert) and a migration python
      script (best for usage with session-migrations) for migrating some compiz
      settings from gconf to gsettings
    - Fix CMake error when USER environment variable is not set (LP: #1023772)
    - Avoid severe artifacts and flickering when using LLVMpipe (LP: #1021104)
    - Fix build failure due to invalid sed expression (LP: #1023738)
    - Generate the CTestFile.cmake using cmake itself (LP: #1024214)
    - Avoid random build failures "_intltool_update-NOTFOUND: not found"
      by verifying intltool-update exists. If not, then fail cmake more
      cleanly with a nice error message telling the user how to install
      it. (LP: #1023742)
    - Fixed CompTimerTestCallback.TimerOrder failure on slow
      systems (like valgrind) (LP: #1021139)
    - Fix incorrect shell expansion, leading to invalid "sed" syntax
      (LP: #1029383)
    - Install the cmake helper macros and check for them in
    - Fixed: schemas were getting installed to ${DESTDIR} twice
    - Reduced combined filesizes of Compiz' .png resources from 2.2MB to
      1.5MB by re compression of those with Trimage Image Compressor.
    - Added test module for the migration script created by Francis Ginther
    - Adds a COVERAGE argument to compiz_discover_tests
    - Fixed various problems described in bug 1030473, optimizing
      performance and style (LP: #1030473)
    - Fixed commands addon desription typo (LP: #1033085)
    - Reduced the scope of the variable 'icccm_version', removed a break
      that can never be executed, added the variables 'frameType',
      'frameState' and 'frameActions' to decor_quads_to_property in the
      #else branch in KWD::Switcher::updateWindowProperties () as well and
      simplified calc_button_size (decor_t *d) in cairo.c.. (LP: #1030473)
    - Always call terminate callbacks for key bindings. ATM we call just the
      first callback. (LP: #960652)
    - Make valgrind shut up about some known "leaks" in python and glib.
      Fix some leaks in the tests in the process.
    - Implemented single click exit from expo screen. (LP: #1033531)
    - Restore the fix for avoiding re-entering the glib event loop and
      crashing. (LP: #1036490)
    - Including rsvg-cairo.h is now deprecated. (LP: #1039482)
    - Add keybinding integration for gnome-control-center
    - Separate the configuration for the minimize and unminimize animations.
      (LP: #1036739)
    - Ignore mouse press and release if it does not happen inside of the expo
      screen. (LP: #1036542).
    - Additional keys from metacity to convert to GSettings
    - Maximize vertically if pointer reaches top or bottom edges.
    - Explicitly depend on resize-options. (LP: #1039834)
    - Add some docstring warnings about using those classes directly.
    - Fix some memory management issues on the mock objects, namely:
      Make destructor functions virtual where appropriate, so that we can add
      them to lists polymorphically. Support polymorphic ccs*Unref function.
      Also make some other necessary changes to libcompizconfig.
    - Detect if rsvg 2.36.2 is installed (LP: #1039843)
    - GSettings integration backend, created a testsuite for it. Refactors a
      bunch of the backend code, adds appropriate testsuites and refactors
      the integration code to make it more flexible. (LP: #1035261)
  * Update compiz-core.lintian-overrides
  * Enable GSettings backend and install the schema files
  * Switch the default profile to use gsettings
  * Add dependency on gsettings-desktop-schemas(-dev)
  * Add compiz-gnome.gsettings-override
  * Update gsettings-override to new paths org.compiz.*
  * Add support for disabling gconf schemas installation
    - However, not enabled because of gtk-window-decorator for now
  * Add libcompizconfig_gsettings_backend.so
  * Workaround to install xml files

  [ Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak ]
  * debian/control, debian/rules:
    - add dependency and use dh-migrations
  * debian/compiz-gnome.migrations:
    - use a migrations file for installing the script for migrating gconf
      configuration to gsettings
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-config.patch:
    - changed keybinding for initiate window picker, according to the design
 -- Timo Jyrinki <timo-jyrinki@xxxxxxxxxx>   Thu, 23 Aug 2012 09:56:05 +0300

** Changed in: compiz (Ubuntu)
       Status: Confirmed => Fix Released

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  Super-W shows vanishing windows the first time you hit it. Windows fly
  off the screen instead of spreading.

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