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[Bug 682788] Re: Improve Unity menus


** Description changed:

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  Global menu in general (not only in Unity) is very unergonomic on large screens (see the attached screenshot) because if you have a small window somewhere near the low right corner you have to move the cursor all the way up to to panel to reach the menu. I understand why the global menu was used for the netbook edition (it saves space and most windows are maximized), but since Unity is intended to be for the desktop edition there should be an option to switch to the traditional position of the app menu. It would be welcomed by many desktop users.
  A commonly suggested solution is:
   [ ] Global Menu on
   [ ] Global Menu off
   [ ] Global Menu only for maximized windows
  The default is usually suggested as either the first (on) or last (on only for maximized windows).
  Desired change:
  Implement the 'Enhanced Menu' project for 12.10.  This project will
  address the issue described in this bug and also issues described in the
  duplicates of this bus.  Note this is the 'official' bug that tracks the
  implementation of this project.
  The following options will be added to 'System Settings/Appearance':
  Location:    Global/Local
  Visibility:  Hidden/Always displayed
- More details to follow during the 12.10 cycle... ;-)

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  Improve Unity menus

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