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[Bug 1047067] Re: [FFE][UIFE][regression] workspace switcher layout needs adjustments


** Description changed:

  Workspace switcher layout should centralized as it was in 12.04.
  currently it looks like as attached in the screenshot.
+ == CHANGE ==
+ A distro patch from 12.04 didn't get ported over. It was ported to use
+ the new compiz API when linaro released their version of compiz for
+ 12.04, so I've taken this patch as it was and applied it. A few changes
+ were made to get the code under test.
+ == TEST ==
+ Unit tests are included, they don't cover a very large amount of the
+ code (many changes in the diff are as a result of refactoring some
+ larger functions into smaller ones, and these changes are not trivially
+ testable).
+ The tests that are there they do cover functionality which is
+ substantially new, such as the code to calculate the spread view offset
+ in world co-ordinate space (60 tests) and the code to determine which
+ viewports should be lit (5 tests).
+ == WHY ==
+ If we don't have this patch, we'll regress significantly from 12.04 in a
+ way that is easily avoidable.
+ Not anything substantial from 12.04, the only potential is regressions
+ that might stem from the subsequent changes to get the code under test
+ (however I found that doing this caught a lot more potential bugs).

** Branch linked: lp:~smspillaz/compiz/ubuntu.fix_1047067

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  [FFE][UIFE][regression] workspace switcher layout needs adjustments

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