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[Bug 1017510] Re: Window management - window animations are too fast for some people to see.


This bug was fixed in the package unity - 6.6.0-0ubuntu1

unity (6.6.0-0ubuntu1) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    - Fixes non-escaped character sequences in dash previews (LP: #1039020)
    - Updated background layer for preview cover-art and details panels
      to be 10% low-light
    - Expand a PlacesGroup if it is the only category that contains results
      (LP: #950710)
    - Update unity autopilot tests to match autopilot API
    - Updated the convert files to fix some typos in the key names
    - Add gmodule dependency
    - Activate proper result if the categories aren't displayed in-order
      (LP: #1040101)
    - Refactor device launcher icons (LP: #713423)
    - LauncherController: make the controller enable the launcher struts,
      based on hide-mode option (LP: #1044005)
    - Launcher: make always possible to drag an icon to the bottom or top
      of its sub list (LP: #1043968)
    - Don't desat bfb/hud icon in DNDReset (LP: #1043963)
    - Progressively adjust the speed of the minimize animation. First
      time it is used is slower, then speeds up the more it is used.
      (LP: #1017510)
    - Implement new ordering of categories for home lens. (LP: #1043915)
    - UnityWindow now implements ScaleWindowInterface (LP: #876017)
    - Launcher: restore an icon position after that the dragging has been
      cancelled (LP: #955561)
    - LauncherDragWindow: cancel drag on window mapped/unmapped
      (LP: #1044723)
    - Now there is a check of an override color in RefreshColor (which is
      called when a PropertyNotify event happens). Also added a check in
      FullySaturateColor to a void division by zero. (LP: #975350)
    - Queue redraw after cover-art texture is updated from a url/file source.
      (LP: #1043947)
    - Fixed ability to delete glib::Source wrapper during its callback
      (LP: #1044823)
    - Close preview when dash is hidden. (LP: #1045298)
    - LauncherModel: rewrite the Reordering functions to keep the icon
      priority deltas (LP: #761155)
    - Make sure we can pass extra hints when activating preview actions.
      (LP: #1046352)
    - UnityWindow: scale window code improved (LP: #1033935)
    - The mouse will now cause the HUD buttons to change selection
      (LP: #1042692)
    - "Alt+Space" shortcut to reveal the window menu is not hardcoded, but a
       Compiz key option. " (Hold)" should also be translated. Made all
       Compiz plug-in names and all Compiz plug-in option names in
       unityshell.cpp static constants.
    - remove unity --reset, it's not anymore really needed now that we are
      in stable days of unity and we moved to gsettings
    - Removed the variables 'oldPrev' and 'oldNext' which got assigned the
      value NULL, but then were never used
    - Fixed the size of the previews to 770x380 pixels. (LP: #1045243)
    - UnityWindow: use smart pointers, use static close_icon (with dynamic
      state) and PanelStyle context (LP: #1033935) (LP: #1045127)
      (LP: #1046124) (LP: #1046126)
    - Remove everything in the #ifndef USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL ifdefs and remove
      the ifdefs alltogether. unity now requires compiz
    - Re-add code to draw panel background texture when the dash is open and
      there is a maximized window (LP: #1044460)
    - EdgeBarrierController: Temporary disable the edge barriers also when
      autohide is set (LP: #1020058)
    - a11y: Port unity3d and panel service accessibility init to atk-bridge
      (LP: #1023542) (LP: #1046582)
    - Dash and Hud get drawn correctly no matter which monitor the mouse is in
      (LP: #1002260)
    - Fix minor problem with the Hud/Dash being drawn while closing on a
      different monitor.
    - Extended track play/pause mouse discovery for entire track row.
      (LP: #1043997)
    - Implemented DBus interface for DashController and made HideDash()
      method available via DBus. This is needed by music-preview-player
      codec installation functionality for hiding the dash when codec
      installation starts. (LP: #1043825)
    - Adds the extra_text property to preview Action (LP: #1049008)
    - Fixed a layout flicker when first opening previews (LP: #1038944)
      (LP: #1043277)
    - Update sizing of elements to match designs, update assets (LP: #1049096)
    - Fix crash in unity::dash::CoverflowResultView::Impl::Impl()
      (LP: #1047420)
    - UnityShell: remove scale_highlighted_window_ variable, using scale's
      getSelectedWindow instead (LP: #1046795)
    - Fixed dash dismissal when changing focus to a window on monitor external
      to that of the dash. (LP: #923657) Improved panel update speed when
      opening dash. (LP: #1044086)
    - Added two new special icons for missing album cover; to be used by
      music lens. They don't really fit into unity-asset-pool as they don't
      have regular sizes. (LP: #1049217)
    - Register file delete events in zeitgeist when file is dropped onto Trash
      launcher icon. Added zeitgeist dependency. (LP: #870150)
    - Restore the panel shadow, which has been missing since Unity 6.4.
      (LP: #1045705)
    - Added SocialPreview. (LP: #1049127)
    - Disable the flow renderer (LP: #1049593)
    - Added two new special icons for missing album cover; to be used by
      music lens (LP: #1049217)
    - Updated dash result highlight focus to 106x106 pixels with 20% white
      opacity. Increased dash result file image size to 96x96. (LP: #1049128)
    - Avoid construction of row wrappers. (LP: #1050342)
    - Added extra-text to preview actions (for price tags) (LP: #1049593)
    - Change the IconLoader methods to allow specifying both
      maximum width and height. Updated rendering of the icon
      ribbons. (LP: #1049593)
    - Preview navigation buttons opacity changes on mouse-over.
      (LP: #1049593)
    - Adds a new background gradient to the dash and panel, as well as
      removes some separator lines (LP: #1049593)
    - Fixed a warning emitted by unreferencing an object owned by a smart
      pointer in HudController.cpp. Caused by adopting a new nux::BaseWindow.
    - Removed dash preview background shadow. (LP: #1049593)
    - Raise shortcut overlay on show (LP: #985883)
    - Reduce internal-padding inside filter buttons (LP: #856277)
    - Added left and right click exit to cover art for all previews
      (LP: #1045230) (LP: #1045752) (LP: #1049593)
    - Show the alt-tab on the monitor with the mouse (LP: #1044293)
    - Fix several failing autopilot tests
    - Fix the standalone launcher crash on exit
    - Fix uninitialized and invalid reads as reported by valgrind
    - Enabled focus navigation for dash preview buttons
      (LP: #1045416) (LP: #1049593)
    - Fixed scrolling in music preview
    - Send the current XLib timestamp to applications when we're opening
      them to not confuse them and cause issues like what we have seen
      with Firefox (LP: #1050687)
    - Implemented the loading of the category icon for the application
      category (required for the apps lens) (LP: #1049593)
    - Refactor unity::Settings to use nux::RWPropert (LP: #1044681)
    - LauncherController, FavoriteStore, Launcher, Icons: always use sort
      priority based on favorites to get positioned on launcher
      (LP: #761155) (LP: #858540) (LP: #868423) (LP: #1028927)
      (LP: #1042845) (LP: #1045146)
    - UnityWindow: implements sigc::trackable to fix crash (LP: #1052683)
    - Dash/Hud no longer steal mouse events outside their content area.
      Better draw handling of hud animation (LP: #1049593)
    - add a deprecated --reset option as it seems otherwise to match
      to --reset-icons
    - Slows the animation down when installing applications in the Dash
      Preview and the Software Center (LP: #1045746)
    - Updates the API to match nux trunk and nux/3.0
    - Introduced dash to preview transitions, relying on nux (LP: #1049593)
    - Don't call GraphicsContext::DeactivateFramebuffer which will
      immediately restore the backbuffer. Instead call WindowCompositor::
      RestoreMainFramebuffer to bind either the backbuffer or reference
      framebuffer for reading as that is the one we're drawing to as is the
    - SocialPreview: Don't expand preview_info_hints, it was pushing down
      the comments when there wasn't enough comments to fill the space
    - Show workspace switcher icon always
    - Fix rendering of Dash in maximised mode with redirected textures
      by using the same code-patches as the restored Dash mode for the
      overlay. (LP: #1053092)
    - Fix more unit tests
    - Fix ERROR ... unity.thumbnailgenerator ThumbnailGenerator.cpp:429
      More than one thumbnail generator created.
    - Implement "focus on hover" behavior for preview action buttons
      (LP: #1053014)
    - Clicking on Dash border should not close the dash
    - Remove two manual-tests, that are now obsolete
    - Adds changes to the LauncherController to better handle favourites
      and the expo icon
    - [UIFE][FFE] Install Amazon and Ubuntu One Music Store webapp items
      in the launcher by default (LP: #1046840)
  * debian/control:
    - build-dep on libzeitgeist-dev and libunity-dev
    - bump because of ABI breakage build-dep on compiz and nux
    - now recommends unity-lens-shopping (LP: #1053470)
 -- Didier Roche <didrocks@xxxxxxxxxx>   Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:56:38 +0200

** Changed in: unity (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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