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[Bug 1029085] Re: Stuttering in games with high fps and Nvidia


I need to revise my last observation. After some tests I think that
deactivating of Vsync or "Force fullscreen redraws on repaint" doesn't
help. But I think the stuttering is somehow bound to the refresh rate
set in Compiz. I have tested Trine 2 with the following settings...

Gnome-Classic with no effects (Metacity): The game is set up to run with
ca. 30 fps and I don't see any stuttering.

Gnome-Classic with Compiz, Vsync and "Force fullscreen redraws on repaint" are deactivated...
Refresh rate = 15: A lot of stuttering although the game is running with the same 30 fps as before. So this means that Compiz is the cause of the problem but not Unity...
Refresh rate = 60: Almost no visible stuttering and still the same 30 fps. The game is playable but a pro gamer with a good eye wouldn't play for example Counter Strike with this kind of stuttering.
Refresh rate = 120: I don't see any stuttering but the game doesn't look right, probably just a subjective thing. Playable for sure.

Unity3D with the same Compiz settings as Gnome-Classic....
Refresh rate = 15: A lot of stuttering, you can also see warping of the character (because of skipping frames?)
Refresh rate = 60: Way less stuttering than with refresh rate set to 15 but surprisingly more than with Gnome-Classic and refresh rate set to 60 there. So Unity is some kind of a factor and makes the stuttering a little worse. The game is not playable in my opinion. 
Refresh rate = 120: Less stuttering than before but still clearly visible. I think it's playable for someone who doesn't care about a little stuttering.

So as you can see refresh rate of Compiz is a huge factor. Unity is also
a factor. I have provided all the information I could, so... Are there
any news on this bug?

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  Stuttering in games with high fps and Nvidia

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