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[Bug 729979] Re: [nvidia] Windows appear blank white


I've actually stopped using compiz (because of this bug and othera), but
after reading Sam's blog about the very recent improvements (like fixing
window moving, performance improvements) i decided to try the latest
code (rev3530 lp:compiz). this bug still persists and through a
conversation in the phoronix forum, i made a quick screencast (youtube)
to post;


obviously, it has been pointed out that at least some users see this bug
is 'black' not white (in recent times). Anyway, the bug is 100%
predictable (since i repeat exposing it a few times, easily), but since
it ruins my workflow (ie: an app sometimes may be minimized) and since i
use the scale plugin with my stylus (wacom), compiz becomes unusable,
unless/without disabling minimize/unminimize animations, with the
exception of 'fade' - i think(?)...

@ alister : "I have tested packages released in -main, -updates,
-proposed, preview PPAs, and source builds. I have spent well over 1000
hours testing different compiz packages. I have been testing for this
bug since I noticed it two days after installing 11.04."

None of that matters (and sort of seems like a waste of time, imo),
since the bug is in lp:compiz (and 0.9.7 branch before that, etc) which
means it will be in ALL of those repos/packages... Maybe the fixes from
comment #88 did help you, but THIS bug is still open aka: not fixed.

anyway,  apparently bzr does do bisecting, so if one was willing to put
a boat load of effort in, you _might_ be able to find the regression. I
may look at it over the holidays, we will see but i have a feeling it
would be hard to find, as compiz seems to have been a bit of a rocky
road in it's development. (i have a feeling git bisect is a better tool,
as well, over bzr's bisect)

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  [nvidia] Windows appear blank white

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