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[Bug 1100382] Re: compiz-xorg-gtest FTBFS


Huh, I have the most up-to-date version of xorg-gtest and it is still
compiling fine.

Where did you get xorg-gtest from, and what version are you running? Are
you running it from git?

The build errors you got would indicate that there's no enum State in
xorg::testing::Process, but its definitely there on my version:

   * Return the state of the process.
   * @return The current state of the process
  enum Process::State GetState();

    * Describes the state of a process as seen by this library. This state
    * changes some behaviors inside the library, most notably:
    * * A process in state ERROR or NONE will fail to Kill() or Terminate()
    * * A process in state FINISHED_SUCCESS or FINISHED_FAILURE will always
    * succeed to Kill() or Terminate()
    * * A process in state TERMINATED may change state to FINISHED_SUCCESS
    * or FINISHED_FAILURE when queried again.
   enum State {
     ERROR,             /**< An error has occured, state is now unknown */
     NONE,              /**< The process has not been started yet */
     RUNNING,           /**< The process has been started */
     FINISHED_SUCCESS,  /**< The process finished with an exit code of 0 */
     FINISHED_FAILURE,  /**< The process finished with a non-zero exit code */
     TERMINATED,        /**< The process was successfully terminated by this
                             library but it's state is currently unknown */

what are the contents of your /usr/include/xorg/gtest/xorg-gtest-

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