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[Bug 201681] Re: Window management - Cursor position changes relative to window while dragging windows


** Description changed:

+ [Test Case]
+ 1. Open any window that is not fullscreen or maximized
+ 2. Click and drag the title bar around the desktop
+    -> Make sure that the cursor always stays on the same position relative to the window
+ [Regression Potential]
+ No obvious regression potential.
+ Original description:
  1. Run "ccsm" (from the "compizconfig-settings-manager" package).
  2. Scroll down to "Window Management" and disable "Snapping Windows".
  If you quickly drag a window the cursor will start floating off the title bar.
  If you keep quickly switching desktops via drag (I used a circle type
  motion), you can get it so far apart that your cursor is on one screen
  and the folder window is on another.
  Another way to reproduce this bug is to *quickly* drag a window to the
  top of the screen and trigger the 'maximise preview transition' followed
  by moving the mouse downwards without releasing the window.  Repeat
  multiple times without releasing the window to accentuate the effect.
  I expected the mouse to stay in the same position on the window title
  bar, not go wandering off. If you let go, window stays where it looks
  like it is, does not zoom to be under mouse (Which is good I guess).
  Note there is a related issue when restoring maximised windows by right
  click holding on the menu bar and dragging downwards.  After performing
  this action the pointer should always be attached to the window title
  bar, but it currently ends up some distance away.
  Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQkmXSshgbQ
  Desired resolution:
  - When dragging a window by the window title bar using a pointer, the
  pointer should always stay attached to *exactly* the same position of
  the window title bar.

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  Window management - Cursor position changes relative to window while
  dragging windows

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