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[Bug 1083186] Re: icaclient windows "dancing" when decorated


** Description changed:

  [Test Case]
  1. Download testcase.py (attached to comment no. 3)
  2. Run with `python testcase.py`
  3. Wait for the window to restore itself
-    -> Make sure there are no decorations on the restored window
+    -> Make sure there are no decorations on the restored window
  [Regression Potential]
- ...
+ No real regression potential - in really really impossible conditions is
+ the lack of window decorations for selected, standard windows.
  Original description:
  ICAclient applications, ie reomte windows applications displayed by the
  Citrix icaclient program display a strange behavior when running with
  Unity 12.10. When the windows are re-parented and decorated with a
  border, they move by themselves like they were "dancing" around window
  - install the icaclient packages from http://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-receiver/receivers-by-platform/receiver-for-linux-121.html
  - create an account on the Citrix Cloud demo site: http://demo.citrixcloud.net/Citrix/XenApp/loading.htm
  To reproduce:
  1. open the Financial Dashboards (Excel), at http://demo.citrixcloud.net/Citrix/XenApp/site/default.aspx?CTX_CurrentFolder=%5cFinancial%20Solutions
  2. If the application starts in windowed mode, but undecorated, do maximize it with the windows controls at the top right of the window
  3. Once maximized, un-maximize the window with the Unity controls at the top left on the menu bar
  4. Verify that the window is now un-maximized *and* decorated with a Unity border
  5. Grab the window by its decoration and move it around in successive drag and drops
  Expected result:
  - the window should move and stay at the position where it has been dropped
  What happens instead:
  - the window starts dancing and oscillate around the position where it has been dropped

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  icaclient windows "dancing" when decorated

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