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[Bug 1186458] [NEW] Alt+Tab freezes screen in Ubuntu 12.04 32Bit


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Good morning

Please accept my apologies for not selecting a package where my bug is
because I am not sure. I will apreciate it if you could assign it to the
relevant place.

 have looked through all the 'Alt+Tab' bugs reports and none of them
seem to quite relate to my situation. Bug reports 971051 and 993187 seem
to be the closest. I have a number of user accounts with admin rights.
One I log into Gnome Classic, one into KDE and one into Cinnamon.

Since I did an update two weeks ago my whole PC freezes after I have
pressed Alt+tab a few times (usually on the fourth time). All the open
programs windows become about 80% transparent. I then have to switch my
PC off and then back on again. It started sometime after Firefox was
upgraded to version 21.0. I originally thought that it was Firefox
causing the problem. I have subsequently found that the problem occurs
without Firefox being open. It happens when I have more than one program
window open e.g. Nautilus, Audacious, LibreOffice calc, terminal. I have
compiz installed. I am also experiencing the same issue in my Cinnamon
session. I also noticed that the 'Window List' applet disappeared off
the bottom panel.

I checked 'keyboard settings > shortcuts > navigation' as per one of the
suggestions and Alt+Tab is there. I checked Compiz manager and the
Window Switchers are enabled.

I do not know if this is a factor. My Huawei E220 HDSPA 3G modem does not work with the 12.04 modem manager 
(modemmanager_0.5.2.0-0ubuntu2). So I installed the modem manager from 11.04 
(modemmanager_0.4+git.20110124t203624.00b6cce-2ubuntu1) which worked fine. When I tried a 12.10 live cd I discovered that my 3G modem worked. So I have installed the 12.10 modem manager (modemmanager_0.6.0.0.really-0ubuntu1) in my 12.04. 

CPU Intel Celeron Dual-Core E1400 2.00GHz
NVidia GeForce 8400GS graphics card
8GB memory
500GB SATA hard drive
1TB SATA hard drive
2TB SATA hard drive
DVD IDE rewriter
DVD IDE rewriter
1TB external USB hard drive
16GB USB flash drive

OS installed:
Ubuntu 9.04
Ubuntu 10.04
Ubuntu 12.04
Windows XP SP3

Modem drivers

Desktops in use:
Gnome Classic
Cinnamon 1.8

I have added a file 'Linux_12_04_Issue_files.tar.bz2' containing screen
shots of my issue, my kernel.log file and text files showing my hardware
configuration and the packages installed. I added it to the attachment
field below.

I am unable to log this issue via apport because my pc freezes up.

If I have done something wrong in the way I have logged my issue, please
accept my apologies.  I do not know how else to do this. Any guidance
would be welcome.


** Affects: compiz-fusion-plugins-main (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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Alt+Tab freezes screen in Ubuntu 12.04 32Bit
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