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[Bug 1019139] Re: [regression] Horizontally resizing a vertically maximized terminal is now very slow, unresponsive.


Dear developers,

May I kindly ask you to take a look at this bug, and prioritize it
higher?  It's more than a year old, and all the action I see is the
milestone keeps getting pushed back.

Compiz contains tons of eye-candy of questionable usefulness.  This bug
is different.  The dupe of it that I reported is that the combination of
two very basic features (both of which have been present in pretty much
all window managers for at least a decade) cause long hangs.  While
trying to perform a most basic operation (resize a window), the desktop
hangs for long times (5-10 seconds or even more) multiple times a day,
causing me a giant amount of frustration and anger.

It's ridiculous that I can't snap a window to the left edge of the
screen, and then make it wider by dragging its right edge.  It's the
kind of bug that makes me want to scream and run away from Linux saying
it'll never be user friendly.  It's by far the most annoying bug that
keeps hitting me during everyday usage of my Ubuntu box, no matter what
I'm using it for.  It's the kind of usability bug that I believe neither
Microsoft nor Apple would let in their products.

Snapping seems to involve window placement only.  The bug occurs when
resizing.  So it sounds like something that should be extremely easy to
fix for someone who's familiar with the code.  E.g. simply disabling
snapping for the duration of resize and restoring later would probably

Thanks very much!

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  [regression] Horizontally resizing a vertically maximized terminal is
  now very slow, unresponsive.

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