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[Bug 347390] Re: Compiz can't resize a window vertically AND horizontally with keyboard.


** Description changed:

+ [Impact]
+ Some users like to use the keyboard for many functions including
+ resizing windows.  Due to this bug, resizing windows with the keyboard
+ is not very easy.
+ [Test case]
+ 1. Open a window such as gedit.  Make sure it is not maximized.
+ 2. Initiate keyboard resizing by hitting Alt+Space, then r.
+ 3. Use cursor keys to resize the window.
+ [Regression potential]
+ None identified.
+ Original Description:
  when trying to resize a window using the keyboard (ALT+SPACE, then
  choose resize from the menu and then use the keyboard arrows) its not
  possible to resize both horizontally and vertically - like its possible
  using the mouse by grabbing a window corner.
  Normally one would expect that its possible to press the right arrow key
  repeatedly to enlarge the window horizontally, and then press the down
  arrow key repeatedly to enlarge the window vertically, before pressing
  ENTER to submit the changes
  What actually happens is that once the second button is pressed (down in this case), the previous dimension (horizontal) reverts to is old size and the new dimension is being adjusted. Try to press right arrow and the vertical dimension reverts back to its old value. In order to successfully resize a window both vertically and horizontally one needs to:
  1. start a resize action
  2. resize in one direction
  3. submit the changes
  4. start another resize action
  5. resize in the other direction
  6. submit the changes
  Making it twice as complicated to do. This may or may not be related to
  desktop effects being enabled, I haven't disabled them to check yet but
  I do not remember this being a problem with standard Metacity.

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  Compiz can't resize a window vertically AND horizontally with

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