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[Bug 1311303] Re: Compiz mouse functions mapped to horizontal scrolling buttons do not work


** Description changed:

  Users who have the horizontal scroll button mapped to other functions
  using CCSM no longer have working mapped functions.  This breaks the
  user's workflow.
  [Test case]
  * Need a mouse with horizontal scrolling, ie, click the mouse wheel left and right.
  * Open CCSM.
  * Map a function to the horizontal scroll buttons, ie, buttons 6 & 7.  For example:
    * Enable workspaces.
    * CCSM->Viewport Switcher->Desktop-based Viewport Switching
    * Set "Move Next" to button 6 and "Move Prev" to button 7.
  [Regression potential]
  When a user has a function mapped to the horizontal scroll buttons,
  horizontal scrolling in windows that support horizontal scrolling will
  no longer work.  The user must recognize that when they map the
  function, they loose the original functionality.  This is the same case
  in previous versions of Ubuntu before this regression occurred, so no
  real regression potential.
- * Debdiff is found at
- https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/1303462/+attachment/4134214/+files
- /compiz-trusty-sru.debdiff *
+ * Debdiff is found at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/178439518/compiz-
+ trusty-sru-2.debdiff *
  Original Description:
  Running Ubuntu 14.04 and compiz 0.9.11.
  Upon upgrading to 14.04 I can no longer use mouse buttons to switch
  between desktops in the Desktop Wall when a maximised window is
  focussed. It works as expected when using keyboard functions, or when
  the desktop is focussed.

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  Compiz mouse functions mapped to horizontal scrolling buttons do not

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