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[Bug 976075] [NEW] Workspace switcher doesn't snap windows


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I'm testing 12.04 64-bit and Unity from PPA (as requested in Call for
testing for this weekend). When I open the workspace switcher, and move
windows from one workspace to another, they don't snap to workspace
edges. This makes all sorts of problems:

1. if I want to place an application's window next to left edge of a
workspace, it is very easy to miss the edge by a few pixels. If a window
is placed even 1 pixel left too far, its left edge will be visible on
another workspace. When I switch to another workspace (that has a 1-2
pixels of moved window), and I click on that application, I stay on the
same workspace, instead of switching to another. Usually, this 1-2
pixels of a window isn't obvious, and the user might be confused why
focus isn't switched (actually, it is, but the application is placed on
2 workspaces simultaneously).

2. There is a snapping available to place window just below the top
panel, but it isn't working always. If I try to place window jut below
the panel, snapping sometimes work, sometimes not, but I was unable to
see why. If it doesn't snap, its easy to place window's titlebar jus
below top panel, which can also be confusing.

3. it is very easy to place a window where the launcher sits. If a
launcher isn't in autohide mode, part of the window will be covered by
launcher and, thus, unusable until the window is moved. I think that
launcher should also be visible in workspace switcher (or, at least,
some indication of it), so that user could place a window on right
position from first try.

** Affects: compiz (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Medium
         Status: Confirmed

Workspace switcher doesn't snap windows
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