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[Bug 627195] Re: Window management - Apps raised from indicators sometimes dont have the focus


** Description changed:

  Ubuntu 11.10 beta
  compiz 1:
  unity 4.16.0-0ubuntu1
  1. open banshee, start a song in it and minimize
  2. open another application lets say gnome-terminal
  3. click on the sound menu and select banshee
  What happens
  banshee icon in the launcher wiggles and banshee main window is not shown
  What should happen
  banshee main window should come to focus
  This is a long standing bug which Ted Gould thinks should be fixed at
  window manager's level.
  ====Some other observations=====
  The problem wont happen
  1. if every other app is minimized or
  2. Banshee is the only opened app or
  3. after opening gnome-terminal, banshee window is closed so that it hides to the SoundMenu and opened again
  =====Comment from Ted Gould=====
  <om26er> tedg, Hi! any thoughts on the long standing bug 627195 ? Its been there before unity so I guess we can conclude unity not to be responsible
  <tedg> om26er, My thought is that window managers should $%#$ get
  fixed... though I haven't convinced smspillaz of it yet.
  =====The good rule=====
  3v1n0: Indicators should present the application windows by passing to them the timestamp of the menu item activation event.
  Unfortunately for indicator-sound, this is not trival as it sounds, since it needs a change to the MPRIS dbus specification.
  See comment https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/627195/comments/26 for more informations.
  For what concerns libappindicator based indicators (such as the one used by tomboy), since it's not currently possible in libdbusmenu to pass the event during activation (so that clients will be able to get the proper timestamp using gtk_get_current_event_time), there are two "hackish" ways:
  1. Use the server time to present a window:
  2. Get the event timestamp from the dbus-menu linked to the gtk-menus:
-    http://paste.ubuntu.com/5701235/
+    https://archive.is/2tLX6
  3. Qt applications workaround: http://is.gd/WnW9eN
  Window managers will obey to it.

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  Window management - Apps raised from indicators sometimes dont have
  the focus

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