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[Bug 1307144] Re: 'unredirect fullscreen windows' causes tearing


When I first started testing, one way to confirm that a window was being
unredirected was that Alt-Tab would not show a window switcher (I use
Static Application Switcher). However, after I had tested different
options and video players (particularly ones in Workarounds), this
stopped being accurate and always worked. I tried changing all options
back but could not replicate this behaviour.

I had left Unredirect Fullscreen Windows to disabled for a long time, at
random, when I was testing how options affected video playback in ways
unrelated to tearing. In the past I experienced issues where eog, or eye
of gnome, the image display program, would not display the application
switcher when in fullscreen. This doesn't seem to be an issue for me but
it seems like it might be related this particular option, unredirect
fullscreen windows.

I don't know why I had this issue with application switcher not showing
up while in fullscreen video, after I had enabled Unredirect Fullscreen
Windows but before I started messing with other settings, but if other
people experience, or can replicate the same issue maybe they could
comment on it or create a new bug report.

At the moment, I have no strong reason to turn the option off, even
though it causes tearing. In marginal cases, it seems it can be the
difference between a video player dropping frames and being able to
continue (when these players aren't excluded through matching). But if
other programs or drivers are bugged to the point where they have
tearing, and people dislike tearing, it may be better to have this
option off by default.

So: does "Allow Flipping" in nvidia-settings prevent tearing in games
when this compiz option is at its default setting of on?

*My testing result is that with both totem and vlc, when the fullscreen
output isn't being redirected, even Allow Flipping doesn't prevent
tearing. But when I changed vlc's video output method from XVideo, which
works the best, to OpenGL, which is slightly slower, the tearing is
almost, but not completely, eliminated. Sync to VBlank in nvidia-
settings still doesn't seem to do anything, but turning Allow Flipping
back on does bring tearing back to zero. The other output methods also
don't eliminate tearing by themselves.

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  'unredirect fullscreen windows' causes tearing

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