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[Bug 1072206] Re: [nvidia] Window content is black or transparent


I seem to be reproducing this bug or similar on Ubuntu 14.04, using
gnome-panel (gnome classic) + compiz, gtx 600 (driver: nvidia-352.63).
The comments in #80 and #79 hit close to home.

I can reproduce it easily by running 'mplayer video' and pressing alt-
tab. This renders compiz unusable and cpu usage for compiz goes to 100%
usage and stays as such until killed.  Occasionally compiz will crash
instead of hanging, but I think there may be some specific
interactions/key presses, part of my futile attempts at recovering the
session while not fully unusable (even if it's already going berzerk by
then) that causes it to end up crashing rather than hanging.

FWIW, I've  Attached gdb backtrace of all threads.  I also recorded the
perf  events for compiz after reproducing the issue using mplayer.

Alternatively, I have noticed that this started to happen more
frequently when I began to use more than one firefox window open (I
don't think tab count matters much as I've always been a tab hoarder and
I have reduced substantially now). I did experience similar behavior
with flash based multimedia content in full screen and alt-tab to switch
back to the browser. It does not reproduce easily tough.

This behavior started to be noticed about 3 months ago (could be less,
could be more, I can't be any more precise, I'm afraid)

Would be great to root cause it and I am happy to help.

** Attachment added: "gdb backtrace of compiz"

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  [nvidia] Window content is black or transparent

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