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Re: [Bug 1436553] Re: Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz


I've never used tiling so naturally I would never see that bug. I did see a similar result, 
where if I drag gnome-disks to the top edge it doesn't always go all the way there.
For my purposes that's OK, but probably not for someone using tiling. That margin
always exists, it's what becomes the black border without this fix, it's just transparent
now. Perhaps GTK3.16 and later drop the margin when a window is tiled if and only if
the WM is not recognized as a compositor? How do mutter/shell/muffin/cinnamon
deal with this?

BTW, in gtk3.20, "window.frame" changes to "decoration."

OK, the question this raises if a fix for both issues at once is not found is this: which
is worse, ugly borders on CSD apps or CSD apps that don't tile all the way to the 
edge? Right now the choice is one or the other, and I suspect that will be different from
user to user.  If the compositing support is deemed more important, than it could be 
merged now and the tiling worried about later.

Also, compiz as currently used by Ubuntu is enough of a problem with gtk3.16 and later
that not fixing this could spur Ubuntu devs to speed up the transition to Unity 8 and 
drop compiz support altogether for flavors like Ubuntu MATE. I doubt they would change
course now and do this for 16.04, but there is the real chance that 16.04 will be the last
time the flagship "ubuntu" version uses compiz and it is an LTS release. Thus, a strong 
reason to try and get things right by fixing both bugs. Not merging the compositing fix
increases the risk that it will fall by the wayside like it did last Spring.

I don't know how to work with bzr at all other than cut and paste the code to clone the 
repo locally-and with something the side of  compiz, that creates bandwidth problems 
on my connection. Thus the local application of patches to downloaded tarballs-and any 
mistakes that might have created last summer.

On 2/6/2016 at 6:30 AM, "Alberts Muktupāvels" <1436553@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>If you tried to merge client-frame-api branch that it could cause
>problem, because it is already merged.
>Rounded corners works, but there is new problems. Select theme 
>that adds
>margin != 0 on .window-frame - for example Adwaita and then try to 
>CSD window to left or right side of screen.
>You received this bug notification because you are subscribed to 
>the bug
>  Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz
>Status in compiz package in Ubuntu:
>  Fix Released
>Bug description:
>  Running compiz_1%3a0.9.12.0+15.04.20150202-0ubuntu1 without 
>unity (in
>  mate compiled with gtk-3) and testing Gtk-3.16 I run into serious
>  issues with failures to render certain Gtk Windows transparent.
>  Hardware is AMD FX 8120 with radeon HD 6750 GPU.
>  My theme sets popup windows used by menus transparent, and Gtk
>  application windows with client side decoration (CSD) have
>  transparency underlying the GtkHeaderBar. In the latter case 
>this is
>  what makes rounded corners possible.   The transparent popup 
>  used with my theme to support menus resembling gnome-shell's 
>  in my hacked Gtk3 version of mate-panel work fine with Gtk3.14 
>but due
>  to the window issue get black corners with compiz and Gtk-3.16.
>  Windows drawn transparent with cairo still work, but windows set
>  transparent by GTK usually do not,
>  Changing the window manager to Mutter makes transparency work
>  perfectly. In Gtk-3.14 transparency works in Metacity with 
>  enabled, it does not with gtk-3.16.
>  I am not sure whether this should be considered a compiz bug or 
>a Gtk
>  bug, but since transparency works fine in gnome-shell and mutter 
>  used by shell), I am not sure the GNOME team would consider this 
>a bug
>  they are willing to fix.  If nobody fixes this any GNOME 
>  that forces client side decoration (such as the gtk3-demo or gtk3
>  -widget-factory) will be ugly in Ubuntu unless the client side
>  decorations have square corners.
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  Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz

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