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[Bug 1442728] Re: Chromium fullscreen should be unredirected by default


** Description changed:

  The default Compiz settings cause Chromium to tear when fullscreen.
  See also: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=344141
  By default, "Unredirect Match" contains
  (any) & !(class=Totem) & !(class=MPlayer) & !(class=Vlc) & !(class=Plugin-container) & !(class=Firefox)
  This means that fullscreen Chromium videos bypass Compiz, causing them to tear (no V-sync).
  Firefox, Totem, VLC and MPlayer videos do not tear when fullscreen, because of the line above.
  Due to the popularity of the Chromium browser (and Chrome, now it has
  brought Netflix to Ubuntu), it should be added to the default Compiz
  settings, changing the line to
  (any) & !(class=Totem) & !(class=MPlayer) & !(class=Vlc) & !(class
  =Plugin-container) & !(class=Firefox) & !(class=Chromium)
  Most likely & !(class=^Google-chrome) should be added as well.
  It's very tedious to do this on each and every machine I install, and I
  would say that having both Firefox and Chromium be unredirected is a
  more sane default than just Firefox. Especially because Chromium is the
  only browser on Ubuntu with full MSE support and Chrome being the only
  way to use Netflix.
+ [impact]
+ Compiz doesn't handle by default the fullscreen windows and this causes tearing in some browsers like Chrome. With the fix revno 3994 compiz handles the chrome windows in fullscreen and the tearing is gone.
+ [test case]
+ Open chrome in fullscreen and start a video. You will see some tearing.
+ Close chrome, apply the compiz patch.
+ Open chrome in fullscreen and play the same video. There's no more tearing.
+ [regression potential]
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  Chromium fullscreen should be unredirected by default

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