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[Bug 237819] Re: Transfer of focus to Find/Replace dialog in Eclipse is considered focus stealing by Compiz


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On 2008-06-06T04:31:07+00:00 Tristan Schmelcher wrote:

Build ID: M20071023-1652

Steps To Reproduce:
1. On a Linux machine that uses Compiz (in my case Ubuntu Hardy 32-bit), turn on focus stealing prevention with any strength. (Install compizconfig-settings-manager, then go to System -> Preferences -> Advanced Desktop Effects Settings -> General Options -> Focus & Raise Behaviour.)
2. Open an editor window in Eclipse.
3. Press Ctrl+F to show the Find/Replace dialog.
  => The dialog gets focus, as expected.
4. Click on the editor to transfer focus back to it.
5. Press Ctrl+F again with the Find/Replace dialog already open.
  => Although the "Find:" text field gets focus, the actual Find/Replace window does not, so that if you try to type then the keypresses go nowhere.


When Ctrl+F is pressed, the Find/Replace window should always get focus.

More information:

The bug does not occur if Compiz's focus stealing prevention is turned

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On 2008-06-06T05:04:44+00:00 Tristan Schmelcher wrote:

Also opened with Ubuntu at

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On 2008-06-08T19:41:59+00:00 Daniel-megert wrote:

Moving to SWT as this works on other known platforms. Might be

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On 2008-12-22T18:59:24+00:00 Gheorghe-ca wrote:

Praveen to investigate on his Ubunutu.

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On 2009-02-06T20:09:04+00:00 Pinnamur wrote:

I had turned ON the compiz focus stealing prevention, but couldn't notice the reported behavior against the latest level (GTK 2.14.x). The Find dialog always gets focus after repeated attempts.
This can be closed if the reported problem no longer appears. 
If you are still seeing the problem, Can you please provide the GTK version against which the problem is noticed?

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On 2009-06-24T02:51:29+00:00 Tristan Schmelcher wrote:

The problem now only occurs if the focus stealing prevention level is
set to Very High, which I would say is not a bug. However, when set to
that level, the issue with keypresses going nowhere is still present,
which _is_ a bug.

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On 2016-12-20T17:44:34+00:00 Ericwill wrote:

Behavior is fixed from a GTK2 version that is now out of date, as per
comment 4.

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  Transfer of focus to Find/Replace dialog in Eclipse is considered
  focus stealing by Compiz

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