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[Bug 1436553] Re: Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz


I was able to set it back to "new" as there is no "fix insufficient"

Even logging into Launchpad is a nuisance because they use the referrer header that I
normally block as an anti-tracking measure. It has to be changed for this and then changed

On 4/11/2017 at 3:16 PM, "Alberts Muktupāvels" <1436553@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>luke, do you also have everything greyed out if you try changing 
>That was not fix... While it fixes something it introduce new
>problems... So compiz must be tested with csd windows + theme that 
>good csd window support...
>So if you want this fixed, please help. Build compiz from my new 
>and test it with theme that has good CSD window support and as 
>report plugins that are affected.
>To see problem, selected Adwaita and try to tile (try to vertically
>maximize on half screen, grid plugin) CSD window... You will see 
>there is "empty" space around window...
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>the bug
>  Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz
>Status in Compiz:
>  New
>Status in compiz package in Ubuntu:
>  Fix Released
>Bug description:
>  Running compiz_1%3a0.9.12.0+15.04.20150202-0ubuntu1 without 
>unity (in
>  mate compiled with gtk-3) and testing Gtk-3.16 I run into serious
>  issues with failures to render certain Gtk Windows transparent.
>  Hardware is AMD FX 8120 with radeon HD 6750 GPU.
>  My theme sets popup windows used by menus transparent, and Gtk
>  application windows with client side decoration (CSD) have
>  transparency underlying the GtkHeaderBar. In the latter case 
>this is
>  what makes rounded corners possible.   The transparent popup 
>  used with my theme to support menus resembling gnome-shell's 
>  in my hacked Gtk3 version of mate-panel work fine with Gtk3.14 
>but due
>  to the window issue get black corners with compiz and Gtk-3.16.
>  Windows drawn transparent with cairo still work, but windows set
>  transparent by GTK usually do not,
>  Changing the window manager to Mutter makes transparency work
>  perfectly. In Gtk-3.14 transparency works in Metacity with 
>  enabled, it does not with gtk-3.16.
>  I am not sure whether this should be considered a compiz bug or 
>a Gtk
>  bug, but since transparency works fine in gnome-shell and mutter 
>  used by shell), I am not sure the GNOME team would consider this 
>a bug
>  they are willing to fix.  If nobody fixes this any GNOME 
>  that forces client side decoration (such as the gtk3-demo or gtk3
>  -widget-factory) will be ugly in Ubuntu unless the client side
>  decorations have square corners.
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** Changed in: compiz (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Released => New

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  Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz

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