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[Bug 1721955] Re: Human, Human-Clearlooks and other themes have incorrect gray window title color


My hunch is that this has to do with how the Human themes have theme
definitions for GTK2 but not GTK3—other themes like this seem to be
having similar problems, now.

The best workaround I’ve found is this one:
https://www.opendesktop.org/s/mate/p/1013593/ It took a little bit of
fidgeting for me to get this to work correctly, and there are still some
bugs, but someone has created workable new versions of the Human themes.
Personally, I used the “Human Quarny Clearlooks” theme, by copying its
folder (renaming it “Human-Quarny-Clearlooks”) into “~/.themes”, then
copying the “metacity-1” folder from “Human Quarny” into “Human-Quarny-
Clearlooks”, and updating the index.theme file to rename the theme
“Human Quarny Clearlooks” and then specify the sub-themes (except for
icon theme, which stays “Humanity”) as “Human-Quarny-Clearlooks” instead
of just “Human”). …That was way too complicated, but just copying the
theme folders into “~.themes” created four or so different “Human”
themes in the “Appearance” theme selector, and I had a feeling that
madness lied that way.

Oh, and the most obvious bug I’ve found is that some applications (like
Emacs and Geany) have a weird scrollbar issue where the scrollbar slider
is drawn but never un-drawn, so if you slide it around pretty soon your
whole scrollbar is orange. (I note this here as a precaution and to see
if anyone else has the same problem—after all, I did install the theme
in a rather wacky fashion)

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  Human, Human-Clearlooks and other themes have incorrect gray window
  title color

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