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[Bug 1831280] Re: Main menu of many applications is gone


The good news is, after rebooting, the issue is gone.
So this is probably one of the many things in Ubuntu that randomly and sporadically begin to fail, perhaps because of some service or program crashing or whatever, that get "fixed" at the next reboot. I wish I knew a less aggressive way to get this "fixed" than rebooting the next time it happens.

> I note you're using 16.04 which was upgraded from a previous install

Yep, which in turn was upgraded from a previous install and so on over
the years (I think it might go back to 12.x... no, that can't be right,
I dunnow...). I certainly don't fresh-install the whole OS every time a
new major release comes out. Actually I wonder why we still even have to
deal with major releases and distribution upgrades, and can't just keep
the OS up to date continuously with regular updates. It seems to me such
an obsolete design. I know there are distros out there that have that,
but I don't think there's any that is mature and works well.

And by the way, I'm stuck with 16.04 and don't upgrade mainly because of
#1164016, which would make my life absolutely miserable (luckily I
learned that regressed before I actually upgraded).

But anyway, I'm rambling.

Something that would be useful in order to get this issue diagnosed is
this: does anybody know if there's a particular process, service or
something that, by crashing, would cause this issue, i.e. the top menus
to disappear for some applications? Particularly, that would affect
gedit, nautilus, filezilla, terminal, gimp among others, but NOT chrome,
tortoiseHG (also among others). Knowing that might help narrowing this
down, and also might give us a workaround hopefully better than a reboot
for when this happens.

I remember that restarting gnome-settings-daemon (by killing it, it
restarts itself), which I sporadically have to do because of #1188569,
systematically causes many things in Nautilus to go berserk, INCLUDING
the top menu to disappear. But that would always get fixed by restarting
nautilus (after closing any instance of it including the one that's
responsible for the desktop), while in this case it didn't.

Another thing that might help: this likely happened after resuming from
hibernation (resuming from hibernation is an agony every single time, it
randomly triggers countless bugs, including the abovementioned 1188569,
and sometimes forces me to physically power off the computer as the only
way out).

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  Main menu of many applications is gone

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